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Geoff Prows

“I’m willing to compromise about many things, but not the Word of God. So far as getting together is concerned, we don’t have to get together. The Southern Baptist Convention, as it is, does not have to survive. I don’t have to be the pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church. I don’t have to be loved; I don’t even have to live. But I will not compromise the Word of God.” Adrian Rogers

Russell Dickerson

Patterson is radioactive.. anyone associated or perceived as associated - like Stone - suffers. I believe Stone would have won - I know a number of Messengers who first threw their vote to Mohler, and then to Litton in round 2 totally based on what they called a "lack of discernment" about associating with Patterson. Patterson coming out and announcing he "founded" the CBN a couple of weeks ago just made that association even more clear. Without that, I'm sure Stone would have won.
I would not interpret the election of Litton as a "shift left" . The Anti-Abortion amendment, which was forced to the floor in a 2/3 vote and then approved (with modification) by perhaps an even greater number is hardly a "shift left."

Peter Lumpkins


A. Not sure why you mention Dr. Patterson since he is definitively not the subject of this post.

B. Being "sure Stone would have won" based upon your premise is an opinion only, and a dubious one at that

C. Looking at the total picture of Litton and with whom he closely associates could hardly be considered a move to the right. And, if his election is considered a stay-on-course-with-Greear, then it's surely a continued leftward drift.

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