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I have absolutely no clue who Jamieson Taylor is or what EIM stands for.. but I do know that "Restorative Justice" is a disaster in practice.

The practice was implemented in schools here. It comes under different names depending on the state, program, etc. But it is another way to receive federal funds so ngos love it. The problem with all of these federally funded programs is what Thomas Sowell wrote about for years: there is no long-term follow-up. The statistics are all short-term as in terms of months. Not years.

The violent thugs in high schools absolutely loved Restorative Justice. But it was absolutely brutal on their innocent victims.


Perceptive article Dr. Lumpkin

The SBC is simply not the Catholic Church.
The Houston Chron articles were great click-bait; but it certainly did not prove the SBC to be a regular cesspool of either abusers or hiders of abusers.

Is the 380 probably an underestimate? I would think so but there no reason to conclude that child abuse is running amok among SBC Pastors and Leaders.

There is no "pink mafia" among denominational leadership. Are their individuals with perverted desires? Yes. But an insider group of homosexual leaders? Nah - That's not the SBC

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