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To what would you attribute the "creeping Presbyterianism" into SBC life? And, would it be fair to say that Chuck Kelley was prescient in his rejection of Sole Membership Model? I think both of these questions are relevant due to the Greear quote and why this seems to be happening now.


peter lumpkins

Hey Luke,

Undoubtedly, the Calvinist Resurgence over the past two decades must be part of the reason. The 1st generation YRR advocates were unpologetic about their admiration for Presbyterians and Reformed heroes. Read enough in Presbyterian theology and it only makes sense Presbyterian ecclesiology will not far be behind.

I think also 9Marks influence and its rigid focus on the plurality of elders has made it's contribution to the issue.

As for Kelly's insistence on Sole Membership Model I honestly have fairly well forgotten most of the debate around that issue.

Hope you're doing well, brother!



One of the things I noticed, and forgot to mention in previous comments, on survivor blogs over years is the idea that the government should intervene in churches over politics (they always forget the Civil Rights movement), Labor/employment issues, membership issues, etc.

This blows my mind. That is the very antithesis of separation of church and state. I think they forget that church is voluntary. If individuals are suspected of molesting children in your church you must report them. if the church is not handling the situation in a proper way and has no intention of doing so because the members won't push it, what other choice is there but to leave? Lord knows I have left over such.

That is part of the increasing outrage and vitriol coming from these people. They aren't using reason and logic. They are like children demanding Big Daddy government come and fix everything. And they aren't even paying attention that government is just as bad. Look at Rotherham,Epstein, etc.

Another problem these people now face is the prevalence of hoaxes. And they have gotten progressively worse over the last 3 years. that is a good reason not to jump on every bandwagon while you are being extremely careful with the information that you have.

With all that said, I believe every victim has a right to tell their story. but I wish people would understand that the accused has a right to face their accuser... when it gets legal. Well, at least it used to be that way but I'm not so sure anymore. Due Process, presumption of innocence, etc, is being turned on its head by a large group of people in this country. These days you are obstructing justice if you proclaim your innocence. Chilling stuff. But I find it ironic that it has a lot in common with Calvinism.

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