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The same Russell Moore who wrote the forward to CJ Mahaney’s last book promoted by T4G when tons of us knew about the pedophile ring in SGM but they insisted Mahaney the elder autocrat knew nothing? What a phony little man he is.

This is about image rehab virtue signaling to the SJW crowd after years of their authoritarian neo Calvinism. That fad climaxed and was producing more atheist than long term followers so they needed a new fad to attract the young emotional minds full of mush.

Ironically, for them, they are always late as the public is becoming more and more concerned about the vitriolic and often violent cancel culture, hoaxes, false #metoo accusations to bring someone down. They are also concerned that people make huge leaps in accusations. And worse, they make grown woman into helpless imbeciles who are perpetual victims. They totally ignore our pillars of due process and, presumption of innocence. This is Scary stuff that is going on in our government —like trampling the 4A.

Church is voluntary but they act as if it’s not. I don’t get it. Call the authorities. And the local church can vote on what to do. Not take orders from self appointed convention big cheeses. Or perhaps not going to church is safest thing to do?


Btw, I overlooked the angle with conferences, speaking gigs, consulting fees and literature to sell to churches. The survivor world has made some social media stars, too. And as we know, recognition is more important than money to some. But the big cheeses are experts at the money angle when it comes to marketing to their audience.


The viability of remaining in the SBC will be decided at the next Convention for some of us. As I watch others leave even now, I often wonder if I'm moving too slow about this issue. But I'm also not one to give kneejerk responses, unless I'm simply trying to rile someone up. All that being said, it would truly be interesting to know how many are mulling over leaving or staying.

The love of money and the willingness to be conformed by and to the world rather than being transformed by the Word will lead to an irrelevant voice. I see part of the reason to make us something we are not(hierarchy) is to get a foothold in the door to access money. But the secondary effect is to cause the ultimate demise of the SBC that once spoke prophetically rather than parroting the world's wisdom.

The Diaspora did not stop the spread of Christianity, rather it caused it to flourish. IF the SBC were to "diasporize", perhaps we really could be more effective. My opinion and two dimes will get you a piece of gum at the convenience store.


David Brainerd

Calvinism leads to sexual abuse because the Calvinist pastor thinks "Everything that happens is God's will, so my sexual sin is God's will; ergo, my sexual abuse is predestined by God for his glory."

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