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david brainerd

Lets see Darrell's record of vigorously opposing Calvinism and calling it heresy.

Doesn't exist?

Then its yet another Calvinist sex abuser.

No belief in free will = no belief in consent, i.e. Calvinism leads to sexual abuse.

All compromise with these heretics endangers women and children, and now that they support homosexuality, it endangers men too.


I was thinking about the general issue of accusations, today.

Rule 1. Call the civil authorities. I don't even know if that was done early on with the Gilyard situation. Were his targets under 18?

One refrain I read over and over on survivor blogs are memories of parents who would keep their kids away from certain people but didn't care about other kids to warn about their suspicions.

Those sorts of statements, in a nutshell, is how different our world has become. When I was growing up it was considered horrendus to make accusations without any evidence. And it was the parents duty to protect their own children. Now, it takes a village.

Nowadays it is just the opposite. It is to the point that real victims fall through the cracks because there are accusations everywhere over everything whether it's an offense or a serious crime. And those accusations make it around the globe in 24 hours and people's lives are ruined before they even know what happened.
And worse,there are now tons of hoaxes meant to ruin people in an instant.

The people who are really hurt by this are real victims of real crimes. I don't even know if they can be heard anymore around all the outrage and screaming from "progressives".

Sadly, the first line of defense are parents teaching their children how to navigate this old cruel world. But of course parents cannot be trusted so they have to micromanage us, too.

I'm not sure how all of this is going to shake out but it looks like most of it is going to end up in court over false accusations, defamations,etc. but I'm not sure that's going to work since so many people have become the thought police.

"Presuming guilt needs no evidence to make its case."

This is especially chilling in light of what I wrote above about accusations.

People are so glibly trashing presumption of innocence, due process, etc. and our fourth amendment has been literally trampled.

Let's face it. Church is voluntary. Government, isn't. I love due process. I love Free Speech because it lets me know who the real jerks are. I love presumption of innocence. Probable cause, etc. Progressives hate these things. And as we are losing them, I fear we won't get them back.

Let's start there.

david brainerd

But Lydia, if you ask him if he believes in free will and he says "no" then you know he is guilty, because it means he cannot possibly believe in consent since consent is based on free will. When it comes to Calvinists, the standard of evidence is this: They deny free will, therefore they deny consent, therefore they ARE rapists. Its as simple as that.

david brainerd

And if they say "You have free will, but its only free to sin" then they are saying that their victims cannot say no to their advances, right? They're saying those underage girls they prey on can't say "no" to a sinful proposal, because their will is "only free to sin." So since they are only free to fornicate, not to flee fornication, THEREFORE the Calvinist has basically argued they ALWAYS have a "predestined pseudo-consent."

david brainerd

And if those girls do say "No" to the Calvinist pastor, he ignores it, because he believes their will is "only free to sin" and therefore he doesn't believe that the resistance to sin is their true will. This is the Calvinist rape-culture.

david brainerd

Therefore anyone with children who goes to a church with a Calvinist pastor, or who doesn't leave a denomination that is eat up with Calvinism, is endangering their children.

david brainerd

Staying in a Calvinist-corrupted denomination is as bad as staying in the Roman Catholic church despite all the sex abuse perpetrated by their Augustinian (i.e. semi-Calvinist) clergy. There also the clergy engage in sexual abuse because they embrace the vile heresy of Augustine the denier of free will. The reason that the Roman Catholics and Calvinist Baptists are the two groups MOST afflicted with sexual abuse is because of their shared Augustinianism. And I rest my case.


If you're gonna troll can you at least be funny or smart about it?

Fredericka Lohr

David, you need more evidence. Did the suspect have facial hair? Leave rings of craft beer on the furniture?


Fredericka, Thank you! or maybe the suspect was known to wear skinny jeans and no socks with loafers? What sort of body art and piercings?


Frederica, "craft beer" LOL. I will be chuckling about that the rest of the evening.

David, nobody despises Calvinism as much as I do. Marxism (as in progressives, socialists, Communists, Fascists, etc) are all the same as Calvinism -- as they are all philosophically totalitarianism-- to me.

That said, if they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. And the really cool thing is church is voluntary. But government isn't. So that is my focus.

david brainerd

I don't entirely disagree with you Lydia. Calvinist corrupted churches are voluntary, not just church generally. People who take their kids to Calvinist denominations are committing child abuse. They could find a church that condemns the heresy of Calvinism, and WOULD, if they cared about their kids.


And they give their kids names like Haddon and Judson - I've even heard of a child named Spurgeon!


“ I've even heard of a child named Spurgeon”

I guess they didn’t know he smoked cigars. /s

I knew one who named his boy after John Knox and his monstrous regiment of women. I sure hope he doesn’t grow up to marry a 15 year old when he is 50, too. Lol.

But now, Calvin is out and the political identity social justice collectivist Jesus is the latest fad of SBC leadership. I know —it’s hard to keep up!


Lydia, I cannot keep up. How bizarre was it about a month ago that Voices posted an article about Ascol and Company declaring they needed to "take the ship" referring to the SBC as if no one had ever told them that the goal of Ascol and Company was to take over the SBC? Suddenly Calvinist are behaving badly! Dave Miller seriously posted this on twitter -

"So, my question is this: why? Why is this tribalism, tribal warfare, and anger so prevalent in a community that preaches grace?

I don't get it.

1. Am I right that this is MORE present in Reformed Twitter?
2. If so, why?
3. Is there a solution?"

Dave Miller in 2020 speculating "Why do Calvinists behave badly!


All the years of warning about Calvinism - all the destruction - ALL THE VICTIMS of Calvinist behaving badly and Dave Miller suddenly notices that there might kinda sorta be a problem. Will he apologize - no because the victims didn't present their case well and were people Dave Miller didn't/doesn't approve of so he did nothing wrong all these years attacking and allowing attacks against those he hated.

And now Calvinist attacking each other since they chased out the non Cals! And now the #MeToo people following the same play book - there are some Victims who are approved Victims and then those who are not approved! And they're fighting each other. But no one is addressing the elephant in the room which is AL MOHLER who COVERED UP FOR CJ MAHANEY FOR YEARS STILL GETS A PASS by EVERYBODY!

I don't know, so many different little tribes and who's in who's out - Secular Politics is more clean.

But isn't it the height of IRONY that people like Tom Ascol and Founders are being eaten alive today by the monster they created because that monster embraces the liberal side of the political aisle when the whole foundation of Founders it based on the idea that the Conservative Resurgence was the fruit of the SBC getting away from Founders and embracing liberal secular politics!


Peter, sorry I went off topic there. A question i have somewhat on topic - I wonder how different things would have been if the Patterson's had simply retired five years earlier? I do think he is a very convenient boogie man today to distract from all the bad behavior of a whole lot of people not being held accountable for their cover-ups and even abusive behavior against people online who pointed up cover-ups of those they are still protecting. Not very many clean hands if we really started checking hands.



The powerful, all encompassing wing of the SBC, led by Mohler for years, are the biggest group of hypocrites I have ever witnessed in one place. Where do they find people who magically forget what they were hawking a few years ago but have suddenly changed the focus? From staunch “Calvinism is the Gospel” to political- identity- group-social- justice-warrior-Marxist- Jesus—- in just a few short years! Amazing! One has to have ignorant followers and a lot of Chutzpah to sell that!

In order to make that transition, they needed a common enemy to prove that they ALONE have slayed the real enemy in the SBC! this proves to the ignorant lemmings they have made the SBC pure and clean again. All they need are social media followers who ignore the pedophile ring T4G Mahaney mess they defended for years and focus solely on Patterson as the real reason there was ANY corruption in the SBC. It’s all gone, now. But Patterson must not be allowed to speak. Anywhere. And if he does we will shame them, Comrade! How about you just don’t listen to him speak? Why the Soviet tactics?

Racheal Denhollander came out swinging against her YRR church in Louisville over Mahaney then went totally silent on Mohler. Not even a peep from her when he started promoting her cause publicly. Of course her husband was getting a PhD at Southern. They even have the survivor queens focusing on Patterson and demanding Russ Moore denounce him publicly. Huh? Mahaney wrote an intro to Moores book! A lot of people have been easy to manipulate. Did you notice the Houston Chronicle ignored Mahaney? And he was secretly SBC by then! Hmmm.

Wade has been one of the worst in barely touching on the evils of the Mohler wing. Lenin would be proud. These guys are way too clever for decent people. I am afraid there are no good guys. And the outrage shtick gets old after a while especially when it leaves out the elephant in the room.

Miller just does what he is told as he has always done. He doesn’t seem to have the capacity to even be embarrassed by the changing fads of who he is to promote or defame.

But look at how the female social justice warriors go after the concept autonomy. Now hierarchies and authoritarianism are good? Huh? Then add in the SBC’s focus in the Will Rainey lawsuit. They can’t get on a consistent page with autonomy and hierarchy.

These people are typical of the tactic of projection, gaslighting and moving goal posts to fit whatever current narrative they are pushing at the moment. There is no logic or reason. Because, of course, such things have been sold as “unchristian” for so long that people believe it.

So glad church is voluntary. Progressives (regressive, really) ruin everything they touch. From our churches to many big cities. They can never just leave innocent people who dissent, alone. No debate, no discussion, etc. just screaming constant drip outrage with retweeting. You have to agree with them or be labeled, Comrade.

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