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W King

Don't forget SBC Voices not only called Capstone a discernment blog but a "hate blog" in their ironically titled post "thou shalt not lie" in which they make two false statements.

peter lumpkins

SBCV has a tendency to charge blogs it doesn't like and/or agree with as mean-spirited, hateful, and trollish. It seems almost personal with those guys.


I am stunned at your ranking considering how little you post. Maybe you need to rethink that. (Wink)


SBCV were praising Driscoll and Mahaney just a few years ago until they switched to the social justice warrior meme following Russ Moore. I can't keep up with the who's in and who's out brain gaming.

W King

I tried to post on their site pointing out the factual errors, and that comment has not been posted yet for some reason, yet others have been.

Don't forget you can always look like a genius if you moderate out counterpoints!

Michael Cox

Thanks for posting Peter! You have routinely proven yourself to be insightful.

peter lumpkins

Thanks all for the feedback!


PETER!Hello old friend! Hope you are well! Good to "see" you and our friend Lydia!

I'm wondering??? How is Al Mohler able to run for President of the SBC when he was such a defender/protector of Mahaney? Is NO ONE going to mention that inconvenient truth you think?

Of course SBC Pravda(Voices) is still and always Pravda so I can't imagine they would have the integrity to mention Mohler/Mahaney connection since in all the alleged "integrity" they declare themselves to have they went right along protecting Mahaney if anyone dared whisper his name.

Has Dave Miller EVER apologized for defending Mahaney and praising God for Mark Driscoll? I mean he seems to be declaring who is and isn't a credible voice in the SBC these days! But then again we know, to paraphrase, "All Voices are equal and Some Voices are more equal than others!"

peter lumpkins

Hello Mary!

Haven't seen hide nor hair of you for ages. Glad to know you're still Kicking high!

Yes, I do recall the good old days, as it were. And love the Animal Farm pun, "All Voices are equal and Some Voices are more equal than others!"

Hopefully I'll continue to have enough time to post fairly often.

Lord bless,

peter lumpkins

BTW, Mary. Interesting you should bring up our old buddy, Dave Miller.

Voices has a post upon me presently entitled, "He's baaaack. Peter Lumpkins and those pesky discernment blogs." https://sbcvoices.com/hes-baaaaack-peter-lumpkins-and-those-pesky-discernment-blogs/#comments Fellow Georgian William Thornton posted it. A fair piece I judge, and I appreciate it.

Frankly, it took a double-washboard belly to post a neutral piece about me in their rather closed-minded environment. Thus, it's not surprising the comment thread is a mixed bag. But like Jerry Falwell, Sr used to say, "I don't care what they say as long as they spell my name correctly" (haha!)

In the comment thread, old Dave writes, "I would pretty much NEVER post an article referencing something Peter Lumpkins says because I believe his past lies in defense of Ergun Caner have disqualified him as a voice in the SBC. That is my opinion"

Apart from whether good old Dave could, in a thousand searches, find a single "lie" I uttered in defense of my good friend (hence, neither apology nor regret necessary), I'm wondering how the Apostle Paul could be referenced in good old Dave's article for all the lies he told about the poor, defenseless Christians of Jerusalem, not to mention his murderous rampage.

Whatever the case, you summed it up well about good old Dave's rip-roaring defense of both Driscoll & Mahaney.

Of Driscoll, good old Dave insisted,

"THANK GOD FOR MARK DRISCOLL...I don’t like everything Mark Driscoll says nor the way he says it. Not my style...But I know this, the more I listen to him instead of just to his critics, the more convinced I am of this: We’re on the same team!... he preaches the same gospel we do, believes the same Bible we do, serves the same Savior and seeks to glorify the same God. And, for the most part, he does it very well. He is a theologically-sound proclaimer of God’s truth" https://sbcvoices.com/thank-god-for-mark-driscoll/ (and there's tons more of that gushy praise with good old Dave's name all over it!)

As both you and I tried to warn many, many times, Mary, good old Dave & others like him were dead wrong about Driscoll.

What is more, I'll even give good old Dave the courtesy of being mistaken rather than judgmentally & self-righteously tossing him with the rest of depraved humanity's deceptive liars into the Lake of Fire. Too many times, we hurriedly assign moral blame without thinking more than a quarter-inch deep. I fear that applies to Dave.

So, maybe, just maybe, good old Dave will learn one day to overcome his high-horse, I'm-holy-you're-not type of virtue-signalling and dwell down here with the rest of us lowly peasants.

Lord bless you and your family, Mary.



I Peter 3:15 provides instruction to those persecuted Christians defending their faith to do so with gentleness and respect, but I guess discernment blogs have decided they can ignore that when making judgements about the spiritual life of those they criticize and especially in the choice of words and tone of their language.


“I would pretty much NEVER post an article referencing something Peter Lumpkins says because I believe his past lies in defense of Ergun Caner have disqualified him as a voice in the SBC. That is my opinion"

Oh. My. Word. From the keyboard of a man that vehemently went after anyone who disagreed with him about Driscoll or Mahaney and all the other big cheeses that protected Mahaney. Unbelievable. What a manipulator. And I bet no one dares disagree with him over there. Miller has a short fuse.

Mary, I sure miss your common sense and humorous comments!

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