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David Pitman

Well said! Thanks for your clarity and courage.

peter lumpkins

Thanks David!

Jacqui Rigby

Well said and I wish all Christians would see this!!! He

peter lumpkins

Thanks, Jacqui.

David Pickard

Thank telling the truth ,so sad.


Excellent, Peter. Thanks. Sad, strange days we live in.

Tom Rush

Well done Peter - thanks for your outstanding work on this!


You have to wonder how CT stays alive. I don’t buy that advertising and subscriptions keep its organization alive because I have a bit of experience with how these journals work. One thing that struck me years ago was their turn toward a more leftwing (and shallow) focus. Politics is not the only thing that’s downstream from culture. So are a lot of “Christian” organizations.

Gary Yaeger

I'll bet Franklin Graham doesn't appreciate this idiot making his statement? Franklin is one of our great president's allies and friends.

Betty Witherspoon

Anyone who would write and publish such blasphemous words against our God and Savior has to be called into question on anything he would write...or maybe none of his words are worthy of a read.

George J Murrey

Christianity played a two edged sword. They dismissed Clinton for his obvious indiscretions, but sees Pres Trump as the bad guy. Thank goodness I never subscribed to that magazine.

Nancy Gilbert

Thank you for this informative piece. Long ago someone sent CT to me but I didn’t find it useful. Mr. Galli is typical of Democrats who use their positions to spout lies and use others to give credibility to those lies. Using Dr. Graham in this manner is despicable but not unexpected. CT will not take calls directly but rather uses their customer service to take complaints and comments. No doubt this will lead them further into the whole of obscurity which is where they deserve to be.

Ronnie W Rogers

Absolutely vital historical information concerning Galli's credibility. Excellent!


Thank you for your article - most likely will not change any minds but is worthy of countering this self appointed false prophet.

peter lumpkins

Thanks all for your feedback.



Good article, Mr Galli and CT need to open the Bible and learn of the creator of these sacred writings, maybe then they won’t so quickly take sides with the god of this world. 63 million people elected this man . I don’t know how much readership CT has from that number but I believe it’s about to drop very low. When you are in a position where you believe you can sway a population, think again. The Democrats thought their people were stupid and it has begun to bite them back. The same will likely happen to CT magazine. I know I’m not buying it any longer. The American people are very patriotic and lovers of all that is America, we won’t be swayed to liberal junk!

Richard Sherry

I've just finished reading the Mark Galli article on "Divine Drama Queen," and I encourage your readers to have a look at it. You can find it at https://web.archive.org/web/20100718111004/http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/julyweb-only/38-41.0.html.">http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/julyweb-only/38-41.0.html.">https://web.archive.org/web/20100718111004/http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2010/julyweb-only/38-41.0.html.

I'm a little concerned, however, with your summary of it, which is, I think, dishonest. You accuse him of blasphemy, etc., without seeing his point: God has done, is doing, and will do anything to get our attention and to bring us to recognition of our fallenness and lead us to salvation. And once you have cherry-picked all the images Galli chooses to help us get the point--God cares, profoundly, seriously, without limits--you use them out of context to condemn him. I think that's fundamentally dishonest. Here are the last paragraphs of Galli's essay:

I much prefer reasonable religion with reasonable expectations, and a God who doesn't get bent out of shape every time his people trip up. But then again, I don't love as God loves. Not God. Not others. Not myself.

The road to hell is paved with reasonable religion with a non-anxious god. Most days, I'm pretty happy driving down that road. But I keep running into this Crazy Fellow along the way. At every stop light, he jumps up and down to get my attention. He pounds on my window asking me where the heck I think I'm going. He stands on the front bumper, shouting at me to turn around. When all else fails, he throws himself in front of the car.

He's such a drama queen.

Have you read other pieces by Galli from CT? If you had, you'd realize that he is about as orthodox a Christian ss they come, with a high regard for scripture and for the Trinity.

Your whole "let's quote Mark Galli from 2010" strategy is an example of one of the fallacies of argument, what we call "poisoning the well." Let's dig up dirt on someone so we can avoid dealing with their argument. And selecting portions of the earlier essay without putting them in context is what we call the "fallacy of accent."

peter lumpkins

A). I linked Galli's archived article in my piece so readers could decide for themselves.

B). You accuse me of dishonesty "without seeing his point." That's your view, and you're entitled to it, as are others here who disagree with you and apparently saw the same point I saw

C). You accuse me of "cherry-picking" but unfortunately did not explain how documenting offensive language is somehow supposed to be cancelled out by quoting 'non-offensive' language. Much in Galli's piece remains non-offensive. But that surely does not redeem his very offensive descriptors of our Holy Lord

D) If you believe Galli's point is to show what "God has done, is doing, and will do anything to get our attention and to bring us to recognition of our fallenness and lead us to salvation," then you've just shown how theologically delusional Galli is. God most certainly *won't do anything* get our attention and to bring us to recognition of our fallenness and lead us to salvation. a) at least one sin exists He won't forgive; b) He won't send His Son back to die again; c) He won't overlook our sins; among other things I can name.

E). No, it's not poisoning the well. I stated *relevant* information to my topic at hand; namely, "Mark Galli is hardly the one to lecture us on breaking the 10 Commandments."

F) Finally, if Galli's piece was the wonderfully orthodox example you claim it is, it will be puzzling to most of us here just why CT took it down from its site, and one can only find it in the archives of another.

Thanks again for the feedback.




Peter, Thank you for your point in D. above. As I was reading Mr. Sherry’s comment, I had to wonder if he and Galli believe every catastrophe or tragedy is orchestrated by God to get our attention. Or, perhaps Mr Galli uses them to promote his view of God? Like Piper and Tornados and Bridge collapses.

Believers are well aware they live in a fallen world but is it really like the last paragraph of Galli’s2010 piece that Mr. Sherry quoted? That question has been debated to death online for the last 15 years. I simply chose to go another way from these types who come off as carnival barkers to me.

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