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I can remember when Miller was promoting Mark Driscoll and CJ Mahaney. He believes and promotes whatever the guys with the power are saying.....at the moment. I have never viewed him as principled but as an opportunist who doesn’t really think for himself. It’s like whiplash following those guys as their positions and principles change often depending on culture.

It is strange how the Calvinists have all turned on each other but the left, in general, is doing the same in their quest for control over people and resources. It’s all about power.

Tim Bushong


Wonderful analysis here, brother. Great job in exposing Miller's humongous blind-spots. As a card-carrying 1689-er, I'd rather have you on my team than a number of so-called Calvinists that i could name.


Tim Bushomg


The truth is that being a slave owner (present, past, or even descendant thereof) is NEVER ipso facto condemned in Scripture, and we live in a time when even pointing this out results in slander, even by those claiming to be under the authority of Scripture. The Bible simply is not an anti-slavery manifesto. Scripture does not condemn a sin of slavery, but rather it is the slavery of sin which is condemned in Scripture.

peter lumpkins

Sorry. Your reasoning leads to absurd moral conclusions. Neither does the Bible explicitly condemn taking illicit drugs or torturing kittens. Looking for a moral rule in the Bible for every conceivable moral choice disrespects rather than honors Scripture.

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