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Eric Nixon

At what point in all of this does Mrs. Sills, the children of Mrs. Sills and the grandchildren of Mrs. Sills become victims of the perpetration of this "inappropriate sexual activity" that took place over 12+ years and was orchestrated across many miles?


Sigh. I admit I'm not keeping up with every jot and tittle of what's going on in the #sbcmetoo world so I will keep my thoughts at a bird's eye view with the whole victim world.

I think it is great that information about these perverted thugs is getting out there. Especially in the church where Tetzel would be proud of the perverted indulgences.

But I am becoming increasingly concerned and disgusted with the rush to make emancipated women into perpetual helpless victims. My saying that does not lessen the the creepiness or responsibility of the "man of God" pervert. And that's where I think we've gone off the rails with binary thinking.

I want to know why these women have been raised to be easy marks. Or, is it the culture they are in? Perverts, abusers and manipulators smell an easy mark a mile away. Churches are a great place for them to operate because such titles bring instant trust. And that's another part of the problem. It shouldn't be so. But the push toward authoritarianism in church brings us here.

We have entered new territory where an emancipated female bears no responsibility. That is not equality. And it does not build strong, resilient women who lead the next generation.
The time to nip it in the bud is at the first sign which young girls need to be taught to recognize. Then they need to warn other girls and even wives. they need to be taught to hold their head up high even when they are accused of lying. And walkaway. Because I can promise you they will leave behind them suspicions that won't go away. And I'm strictly speaking of church situations.

The problem is #metoo has ruined this. #metoo advocates despise due process, presumption of innocence and free speech. And such claims now bring big money for well-heeled professional women in business and politics.

My view is certainly not popular with the sjw's but what is the sane way forward? Or, shall we just put all young women into the category of helpless, irresponsible and ignorant? And perhaps all churches as dens of iniquity? I am more inclined to favor the latter.

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