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It's a lack of scholarship to read post enlightenment Western views into scripture. And "educated" people do the exact same thing with history and ignorant people believe them. The end result is to seek to erase history. How can we learn from what we have erased? How can we know how far we have come if we erase history?

Scott Shaver

Better to be a slave to the text than a slave to assumptions about the text.

Rick Patrick

What a persuasive and well written essay! If Christianity Today wishes to provide an opposing view to balance the extreme interpretation of their earlier coverage, they should publish your insightful response. I hope you will consider submitting it.

william davis

Well done and very biblical. Thank you for some sane exposition in the midst of the chaotic mess the #metoo and SJW are making of sound theology.

W. A. Davis


I think Bathsheba’s last recorded interaction with King David before his death (1 Kings 1) is very illuminating and largely ignored in this discussion.

She reminded the king of his promise to make their son Solomon king, and when he granted her request it says,

“31 Then Bathsheba bowed with her face to the earth, and did reverence to the king, and said, Let my lord king David live for ever.”

And then after David’s death she injects herself into more intrigue regarding the throne in 1 Kings chapter 2.

Not at all the profile of a woman who felt victimized.

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