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These are the same men who promoted and partnered with the vulgarian and misogynist, Driscoll, in planting Driscoll clone churches. But, he had the “true Gospel” so it was ok. . (Are you reading Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, Mohler, T4G, TGC, etc) Mahaney is even worse.

But now it’s lets pretend Driscoll, Mahaney, Moore as the rabid patriarchy go to guy at SBTS, etc, etc — never happened.

IMO, They are rebranding as SJW’s and using Patterson as a virtue signaling deflection to do it. Who would guess out there in MSM-land they are exactly the same since they are all pointing fingers at Patterson and demanding his head. It’s a Hillary move. The whole thing is a total con job. Pretending to be what they never were. It’s disgusting in its blatant hypocrisy.

Pam Knight

Thankful and glad you are back at your blog spittin it out just like it is...
In Christ

peter lumpkins

Thanks, Lydia and Pam. Both of you as women of God have consistently through the years stood for gospel truth and consistent moral integrity.

And, no offense to Beth Moore and even Karen Swallow Prior, you two ladies, along with Mary England and other Christian women, were on the front-lines fighting the good fight against unbiblical misogyny and other harmful auras hanging over evangelicals generally and Southern Baptists particularly long before Beth Moore ever stepped her foot on the scene.

Lord bless you both.

With that, I am...

Mark Payton

Thanks Peter this isn’t nothing but a witch hunt, I am almost sick of being Southern Baptist these days


Thanks Pete,

Well, here was a sad surprise. I have long suspected such maneuverings but never saw it in black and white. Everyone has a personal agenda?

Scroll to page 79 toward the bottom and read to 82.


peter lumpkins


For my part, Wade Burleson's exploitation of the troubles Dr. Klouda experienced, and blatantly against her expressed objections, stands as unmitigated abuse, if abuse has any meaning at all. Indeed it surpasses Piper's above since he was answering a question, making Piper's breach only hypothetical in nature. Rather Burleson's abuse was not hypothetical but participatory in nature, personally exploiting a troubled woman's circumstances for vindictive purposes to "get" Patterson.


That legal document of her testimony presents a totally different picture than what those of us with front row seats to the original blog posts about her, understood.

It is not okay to out a victim without their express permission or use a victim to Virtue signal for yourself, either. It's another form of abuse.


Wow. Wade is good at this.


Wonder when he will be featuring The Women thrown to the curb at Southern?

Jesse Lott

Peter, it is good to have you back. You have been missed! It is a sad, sad day in the SBC.

Robert Vaughn

Peter, glad you have started back, even though not so glad for the occasion. Hope we will hear more about your Baptist history venture someday. Take care.


"If Paige Patterson is guilty, so is John Piper. "

And so he is. There is a long list of awful things out there that John Piper has said. He, like Patterson, needs to go to the house.


"May our gracious and loving Sovereign's will be done on campus as in heaven."

So true!

Scott Shaver

Patterson chose his allies from 79 forward to present day. Now that his former allies are feeding him to the wolves to cover their own tracks is not a black mark against those (wolves) have opposed Patterson on principle from the beginning.

It's a black mark on Patterson's decision making in his quest for religious power and control.

A duplicitous lot these SBC "leaders".

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