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"Is it now a Gospel issue to support the building of mosques but not Israel?"

How about it as a common sense issue? The only democracy in the ME. A country where non Jews can become citizens? How about ME countries that allow Jews to live in freedom? Is Moore suggesting that citizens have no right to zone their city?

Moore is in a pickle. He threw his allegiance, and that of the SBC, to the old PC establishment that took a beating in the election. This is not just about the president but Governors and state legislatures. Half of this country is done with political correctness which also insists Islam means peace and is good for women! I don't understand these silly non Muslim women who think they are making some political correct statement by donning a hijab. The oppressive Patriarchy caste system is good for women? Is that what they are trying to tell us? Are they not familiar with Sharia? Or that Islam is Theocratic? Cultural Muslims are no problem but ironically, they are on the pure Islam target list, too, eventually. If they insist toothless patriarchy is not good for Christians in America, why is oppressive patriarchy good for Muslims? Liberals make no sense. They are hypocritical. They follow a political correctness model laid out for them by their favorite leaders. They don't think things through. And many party republicans are part of the PC problem. This election was about political correctness and the establishment. Not morals of the candidates or party's.

Anyone here ever read about Huma Abedini's mother, Saleha Abedini, that Hillary Clinton promoted and supported? It is chilling. This is a woman who plays both sides. She calls for serious punishment of Muslim women who dare to rebel yet groomed her own daughter to live in the West and work her way up the ladder. Are liberal women even familiar with this?

People are watching Europe fall apart and the insane PC of Sweden which will not even track the origin of rapists and criminals. Everyone knows where the huge spike is coming from but it is not PC to say. Which means victims are to shut up. Victims must be PC. It is chilling.

This is what Moore aligned himself and the SBC with whether he meant to or not. Pro open borders and pro BLM. Pro Islam.

There Is no individual freedom in Islam and perhaps that is his big takeaway from Calvinism which has the same foundational problem-- it's determinism. Moore has been indoctrinated to follow the caste system collective. He is big on pitting groups against one another for media attention. But he claims to speak for a lot of people who not only pay him but totally disagree with him.

Moore has succeeded in his media establishment friends calling the SBC racists. The very people who pay Moores high salary are called racists by Moores media establishment friends. Has Moore corrected them? So how long before more churches stand up to Mohler and say, no more money. It's Mohler the SBC is afraid of, not Moore. Moore would be a nobody without Mohler as his mentor.

Mohler groomed and promoted Moore. So, why doesn't Moore go to work for the media establishment or some PC congressman or senator? Hmmm.

Scott Shaver

And the prophecy of Russell Dilday has come to pass. Rick Patrick now calling for "traditionalists" to reject any further appointments of Cavinists to SBC entities.

"Traditionalists" should have addressed "Calvinism" when they and their current detractors were brothers in arms under the "fundamentalist" flag and engaged in the ridiculous "battle for the bible" which meant expelling and/or marginalizing those who were in practice and sot etiology their closest spiritual kin.

Patrick and his denominational tribe now need the help of those they once maligned in order not to be treated and handled the same way they claimed God was leading them to exclude and mishandle others during the CR.

They (Patrick et al) are receiving the much-deserved consequence of their CR short-sightedness. Unlike Russell Moore, Dilday in my opinion was the last "prophet" who served as an SBC entity head. He declared the SBC after the CR would dissolve and break apart along traditional and Calvinist lines.

Scott Shaver

For the life of me, I don't understand the logic (if there is any) of SBC "traditionalists" entering denominational war both out-manned and out-gunned (as far as the SBC operational tiers work) with their former allies in the CR.

You would think that "inerrancy" as a bedrock of their mutual organizational principles would have have solved this "splintering" problem within their ranks.

As many have said from the beginning....THE BIBLE had nothing to do with it.

Scott Shaver

In the following article "Baptists" are singled-out for "preferential" treatment.....with the weight of ane amicus brief suggestion courtesty of our own "SBC ERLC" director.

With friends like this....who really needs any more enemies, Muslim or Christian?




Interesting find after he did not get the truth from Wussow, a VP of the ERLC.

I was wondering if the SBC's political lobbyist, Russ Moore who tells us how Christians vote, has made any sort of announcement on how the SBC is to view Americas vote in the UN on Israel?

Is there an ERLC office in Jerusalem or is it in Cyprus as Wussow told Todd? Sounds like the ERLC needs some mature oversight if the SBC is not going to defund it.

Scott Shaver


This morning I realized there's no need for me (personally) to continue my critique of Moore (and some SBC others. Wish the man no ill will but have said what I would say publicly to any baptist (pastor, denominational exec, seminary president, missionary, etc) who publicly and arrogantly attempts to put GOD and all others into a 5 by 5 theological box. I sincerely apologize for offending, although I do not share, the sensitivities of thousands if not millions. The jig is up on the SBC and that is apparent for anyone with eyes to see. The SBC, as a denomination, is under trial already in a court of public opinion that IT CREATED.
Best that folks like me get on with life and attempting further to understand the mystery of God in Christ.


Scott, I agree that it is basically a mopping up exercise at this point. It has been 30 years coming. One thing that always amuses me in these situations --as in Moore enlisting the liberal media to further insult the people who pay his high salary-- is that they have not done their homework on him. They only react to words they agree with at the moment. They have not even visited the ERLC site to ask why his leadership council is only male? They ask nothing about his past writings on pro patriarchy? Or the pro slaver Founders meme at Southern? Moore trashes the right people at the right time and he is the media darling. Problem is, the mainstream media is being ignored. People are going around it.

So this is where we are. You saw it long ago so have a better appreciation for the inevitable. I was not involved much back then due to extensive travel in my career but my extended family was.

Scott Shaver

That was the main problem with the CR Lydia. The suffering of families.

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