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"I think the next move might be DC. Statehood." (Lydia)

I'd rather see ex-POTUS as governor of a new State, than on the Supreme Court!

"I hope everyone realizes there are not enough police to deal with massive protests." (Lydia)

America has reached a crisis point. Martial law with military forces will be imposed to control the civilian populations in Bubbleville in January (and beyond?). Of course, it would have also been necessary in Bubbaville if Hillary had won the election.


Hmmmm ... The more I think about the prospect of martial law at the first of the year, I am reminded that a sitting U.S. President must declare that. If Obama doesn't intervene to get things under control now in Bubbleville, martial law would allow him to postpone Trump's inauguration and give him more time on the throne. Of course, that would stir Bubbaville to a fever pitch and more riots would ensue. Interesting days ahead for America. United we stand ... (complete the sentence).


"… good men, who love tranquility, who desire to abide by the laws and enjoy their benefits, who would gladly spill their blood in the defense of their country, seeing their property destroyed, their families insulted, and their lives endangered, their persons injured, and seeing nothing in prospect that forebodes a change for the better, become tired and disgusted with a government that offers them no protection, and are not much averse to a change in which they imagine they have nothing to lose." (Abraham Lincoln, Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, IL January 27, 1838)


Lydia, I believe you live in Louisville. Are the anti-Trump New Calvinists protesting on the SBTS campus?


Max, National news has dominated but I saw no evidence. There was a local demonstration downtown the night after the election which the local media promoted. We were not far at a recital and tried to avoid it as much as possible with helicopters zooming around. We didn't even stop for gas when we saw two young guys with baseball bats at a gas station.

This has been the scariest election of my life with the violent backlash against our system.

Mohler, Moore and their followers will find empathy here in this very liberal congressional district. Even our former longtime mayor works for Obama. The problem will be a disconnect with their usual supporters. Wonder if Mohler will continue his culture War radio spot now that he has been seen to empathize with Hillary by the constant unbalanced trashing of Trump? Did he forget Hillary's "moral" and "criminal" problems?

I do wonder how our friend at Pravda feels about one of the Iowa representatives, Bobby Kaufman, who is presenting a "suck it up buttercup" bill about using government funds for "safe places" and "crying rooms" for Hillary supporters? Lol!

The SBTS/ERLC wing of the SBC missed it. They forgot James Carville's famous quote: It's the Economy, stupid.

Alex Guggenheim


In case anyone has too much time on their hands today.

Scott Shaver

"There are not enough police to deal with massive protests".

Lydia, your point is well-taken. There is a story out of Florida this morning about an armed by-stander who warned a lunatic that had been chased-down by a police officer whom he was assaulting and beating to get off the officer. Unwilling to comply, the assailant was quickly decommissioned with three shots to the chest.

Police aren't the only sensible folks in the country these days who are fed-up with lawlessness and sponsored anarchy. Numbers and results can change quickly in a moment of crisis.


Scott, you know as I do low paid Police fear having to use force. Not only is it a career killer but they could end up charged with a crime and the focus of riots and looting.

In A video using actual events of violence toward police officers, the question was how many seconds did the officer have to decide if the perp had a gun? It was chilling.

Now the problem is with decent low income folks who live in consistently high crime areas who are now basically hostage to the gangs and criminals. Police don't dare respond without a ton of backup.

We should have a refugee program/sanctuary city for decent poor Americans in Chicago.

Here is another interesting thing. Schools in many states are changing their policy on dealing with armed intruders. Now it is based on "survival" being most important. They are teaching students how to jump out second story windows, throw anything they can find at the perp, barricade rooms, text others in school location of perp so they can escape, etc. IOW, Fight back!

Why is the liberal education establishment going this route? Because there is documented proof now, after all these years, that fighting back saves more lives. Duh.



Scott Shaver

You are right about the climate of "fear of force" among the police right now. Why are legals charges for an array of statutes never filed on behalf of a US DAs office for fellers like George Soros?

Scott Shaver

Lydia: Dave Miller over at PRAVDA, right down to the terminology he uses, sounds like a supporter of George Soros. The guy is "conservative"????? ...."evangelical"??????????

He can't get off the terminology created and employed by Soros-funded organizations.

What a fraud.


Scott, I love the current conversation at Pravda. We know that Dave Miller believes that black people have the final word on what is and isn't racism and white people should just grovel and apologize but now Dave Miller gets to declare what is anti-Semitic even though many Jews are outraged at the casual use to attack someone based on one's political views. Anybody got popcorn?


Here are some good links





WARNING that last link with the video has a lot of foul language.

And regarding the World Series - The Indians/Cubs played seven games. The Indians scored more runs than the Cubs over seven games. Therefore we need to throw some tantrums because it's not fair that the Cubs were declared the winner when they didn't score as many runs as the Indians.

Also I think we should probably just go back to 2008 anyway when Hilary Clinton got more votes in the Democratic primary than Barack Obama. Plus Obama totally line-jumped and that's not fair!


These people stole my analogy, but a good read anyway.



"Scott, I love the current conversation at Pravda. We know that Dave Miller believes that black people have the final word on what is and isn't racism and white people should just grovel and apologize but now Dave Miller gets to declare what is anti-Semitic even though many Jews are outraged at the casual use to attack someone based on one's political views. Anybody got popcorn?"

I don't read over there much at all anymore but when I did, I always had the impression Miller was carrying the water for the Neo Cal leadership positions. The problem with that is his gurus don't engage. They speak from on high with no exchange. And depending on who dares to disagree on Pravda, you can pretty much set your clock by his typical responses. It seems to follow a caste system approach. I am not going to go look for the exchange but my guess is Russ Moore is going to do all he can to save face, spread his views, and Miller is at his disposal, as usual.

Is Miller not aware that Trumps daughter married into Judaism? She converted. A bit different than your typical cultural mixed marriage. Miller may want to start taking the time to better vet what he writes. I don't think he appreciates what he is dealing with. I was around that world in a much smaller way in the 90's and can say without reservation the whole point is to make bold declarations based on very little that get repeated everywhere until it is conventional truth. The goal is ruination and the left are experts. Alinsky tactics. Besides, The Neo Cal Pravda types are always running around accusing people of "bearing false witness" so they might want to rethink such.

Btw, I went looking for the Breitbart anti Semitic exchange a few days ago. Lol! David Horowitz, a Jew, was insulting Krystol, a Jew! Funny how that was never mentioned. Now, I admit to being a big Horowitz fan for his work. Especially, Discover the Networks which is a valuable historical map of decades as to how the US is where it is. I read his first book, a bio, when it came out, Radical Son, and was blown away. If anybody knows the tactics of radical left, it's him. And he knows how Useful Idiots play right into their hands.


Pravda's way out of their depth when they wander into political discourse. They think just repeating talking points is somehow deep thoughts. My husband made the observation that these SBC people are like the dorky kids in high school who are always behind the times on what is currently "cool" so Pravda is into these new "Social Justice" ideas not realizing those types of arguments are going up in flames in the real world. I would encourage anyone with a bit of time to read through the comments on the link to the The Federalist Article for some insight into how a lot of people feel about current political climate. Hubby and I were speculating about what the annual "Prove you're not a racist" SBC resolution will be come June. You know there's going to be one if not several.


I hate to say this but I think it is an issue that needs to be addressed both in the SBC and the larger culture because I think you are right about those issues going up in flames. It's not really social justice but "special rights" for certain people. Nothing equal about that. Just the opposite.

It has been all about group identity. And it has only gotten worse the last 8 years. If electing a liberal black President 2x does not prove we are not a racist nation, then what will?

In this cultural environment, You can't just be an Individual, you are labeled and put in a group. You are either in, and good, or out, and bad. There will always be some of this but it has reached Soviet proportions in our culture and churches.

All real blacks are BLM. All real homosexuals are LBQT. All real Christians are anti Trump. And so on.

It is purposeful group think. It is a control tactic of divide and conquer. And it works because most people want to belong and others don't want to be shamed, censored and called horrible names that are not true. It keeps the political class, pundits and professional lecturers in business.

The Neo Cals have a mantra about the sin of not being under the authority of a local church. Yikes. In my neck of the woods that would be enabling narcissism and entitlement mentality of young men who seek authority over people. It's a sickness.

The older SBC I grew up in was like herding cats. It was about a bunch of individuals agreeing to cooperate on Missions. And voting. Lots of tedious business meetings with voting. Now, I wonder why church goers don't demand voting on their budget?

Our identity was more:No king but Jesus variety. Not the pastor is king.

I am hoping that shackles come off and there will be more independent thinking emerge with civil debate. I hope more small businesses are started, more Inventions, cures, improvements, etc, because people strike out from the stifling group think mentality. The Neo Cal movement has been one of the worst as a stifling spiritual culture. There are producing young men who believe that any disagreement with them is sin. That is narcissism on steroids.


Discussion??? LOL!

Here's the discussion that just happened at Pravda. What is Miller the President of the Pastor's Whatever?

Miller: ANTI SEMITE!!!!!

Other guy: Prove it!

Other guy: Still waiting for proof

Other guy: Tick tock waiting


That's some leadermaship right there amirite?

Or how bout a couple of weeks ago now Vanity Fair had an article attacking celebrities for not disclosing who they were voting for. See it's not enough that Taylor Swift hadn't said anything offensive or shown support to anyone specifically now SILENCE is seen as supporting "evil" and so everyone must pledge party loyalty or be assumed to be on the "wrong side." People who accuse of others of fascism are the ones who are actually pushing fascism.


Oh and the irony is that Miller has been whining about how Brietbart had a headline about Beth Moore supporting Hilary and then he post an article from a Jew to support his charge of anti-Semitism proving he doesn't actually read articles but only the headlines which is why websites post such provocative headlines to begin with.

Scott Shaver

Just be thankful that any influence is small and getting fractionally smaller by the day.

Scott Shaver

You could understand some of the younger guys who've come out of SBC seminaries the last 15-20 years, but what's Miller's excuse?


Scott, it is heady stuff to some folks to have some of the inner ring soliciting you to run articles on specific topics. I saw this in action a few years back when he ran a puff piece on KBC prez hand picked by Mohler and his "great Leadership" concerning the situation at a KY Baptist college. How could he know anything about it unless he was directed? The situation was actually the exact opposite of what he wrote. The focus of Millers puff piece got his hand slapped --some were assured who asked board members. It was pure image management. And yes, I know trustees on both sides not to mention a plethora of others in that world. One said that these young guys need to grow up when it comes to what they declare on websites.

Miller was used. And he likes it that way. I had always suspected he was a useful water carrier but that was pure affirmation from both sides.


Scott Shaver

Did you know they used a monkey to pilot the first unmanned spacecraft?

Wonder what they can do with pen and paper?


Just look at all the meltdowns over the "Hilary got more votes! We're not a democracy!" It doesn't matter that Hilary got more votes because nobody was playing the poplar vote game. We don't know who would have won the polar vote game because the game that was played was the electoral college game. Completely different set of rules and played a completely different way.

We are a nation of lemmings. People actually believe that Obama is putting country over party and helping Trump's transition team while ignoring the fact the Obama White House is running to the press trying to imply Trump's transition team is a mess. Then there's the meltdown because Trump ditched the press to go to dinner last night. When Obama ditched the press the White House created a meme and a twitter hashtag #Bearontheloose or some such nonsense. It was cool when Obama did it but the end of democracy when President Elect Trump does it.

Scott Shaver

They write as if an application of "situational ethics" in a choice of 2 flawed human beings in a political election is "unchristian". I say they've not yet learned the full operable scope of their "Christianity" without reliance upon shibboleths based on questionable biblical interpretation.


Scott, Miller was told by Moore to blast everyone voting for Trump; so he completely ignores what those who held their nose and voted for Trump actually say; to just keep ranting that you can't vote for Trump and ever talk about character again. When you have two candidates and neither is of good character, character is not something you can check off the list of reasons to vote; that doesn't mean you throw out all the other reasons that may be valid in considering who to vote for. It doesn't mean that you can't point out that someone in the future has questionable character. Jimmy Carter seems like a man of high moral character but Jimmy Carter is an idiot and has idiotic views so he may get a check next to character but no other checks. Neither Hilary or The Donald get a check next to character but The Donald got checks from some us where Hilary did not. Yes I know people who voted for Mitt Romneycare who supported abortion before he opposed it want to scream that Trump's a democrat in disguise which explains why he went with one of the most conservative politicians around today for VP and has now given that VP elect some serious power in setting up the administration.


And Scott I've missed it but has Pravda ever published a post about how they went all in supporting misogynist, vulgar, abusive, pornovision Driscoll and somehow that was ok. How was Driscoll's character supportable again? Talk about ya situational ethics. But somehow Miller thinks he should be taken seriously.

Scott Shaver

Miller's modus operandai on Driscoll is to deny he ever promoted him.

If the concern of this guy is "character", seems he might want to start on himself before whining any more about Trump.

Scott Shaver

Lydia, according to Alan Cross, we're acting something less than Christian if we support any effort to close the "floodgates". Additionally, we we're "for deportation" and we're not "sharing the love of Christ with illegals"..."we're not doing it right".

He might as well keep channeling Russell Moore because he's certainly got the crybaby thing down.


coloring books and cuddling puppies might help the manly leaders at Pravda. Maybe they can make the seminaries into sanctuaries like other colleges are pleading. I can already see Russ Moore on CNN!

You know those hateful People who want the laws on the books enforced---are so mean!!!!

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