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I agree with Akin. The Trump campaign rests on false premises and false promises. The facts don't support his contentions, and if you think his Supreme Court appointments will be anything but corporate lackeys and liberals, I've got bridges in San Francisco and beaches in Arizona to sell you.

I don't vote for Mormons, because I won't do anything to affirm their legitimacy as a faith, or their quirky eschatology, which is what electing one to the presidency would do.

What a long way we've come. Republicans used the unproven accusations of several women against Bill Clinton, and then claimed he committed perjury to try to remove him from office. Now they're bad mouthing women who have come forward claiming Trump assaulted them (you have his own words in several cases supporting their claims) and suddenly, because he's Republican, hypocrisy has pushed the opposite view. Now the GOP isn't for character and values, its for winning at any cost. If you couldn't support Clinton, you can't support Trump without a complete abandonment of your values.

Thank you for being open to comments. S

Scott Shaver

According to your tortured logic, Lee, I'll buy the bridges in San Franciso and you can throw in the beachfront property in Arizona for half-price.

The only principle I'm abandoning in voting for Trump is the principle of giving "evangelical leaders" like Mohler, Moore and the author of this article (degree in political science notwithstanding) credit for having even a modicum of common sense.

You don't vote for Trump and you don't vote for Mormons but you will defend a baby-killer. Personally, I've got no use, time or patience with so-called "evangelicals" of this stripe.

Scott Shaver

Akin cites the political environment of 1860 as support for his logic on how not to vote. Again, some of these folks just can't seem to live in the present.

Had these guys actually lived in 1860 I doubt they would have been so cavalier about demonstrating their modern politcally-correct religious superiority.

Cowards are very good at criticizing past generations based on hindsight and revised history. They're just not very good at contributing anything constructive to the present.

Alex Guggenheim

And all those who voted for Ross Perot still say, "We showed them, didn't we?", not.


Akin needs to do his homework. Third party voting for Perot is what elected Bill Clinton the first time in 1992.


Oops, I did not read comments before I posted. Alex beat me to it.


There is also the problem of Akin taking the grueling political and social events (including Westward expansion) leading up to 1860 and putting them into Twitter sound bites. Sheesh!


Will McMullin be on every state ballot?

peter lumpkins

According to McMullen, he hopes to be on the ballot in 40-45 states, enough, he indicates that will fulfill his purpose. And what is his purpose? To be POTUS? No. According to him, he only desires to stop Trump from being elected. That's it. He merely is a spoiler candidate--a #NeverTrump stooge.

Given the purpose from McMillin's own lips, Akin appears to be extending the #NeverTrump message by promoting a #NeverTrump candidate, an entirely disingenuous attempt to make McMillan into something he's not. What a Georgia Hoot.



What a mess. Not to mention WHICH states McMullen is on the ballot or not!


Does anyone here remember the perpetual candidate, Lyndon LaRouche? My dad used to have us kids watch his broadcast when he ran for prez and then analyze his economic assertions with reality.

We could use some economic reality for this election.

Scott Shaver


I fear the economic reality of this election will occur when the nanny state can't pay its bills or continue doling out the freebies.


Don't worry Scott. As that happens, Hillary's foreign government and big bank gazillions will be safe in their jet setting global pay to play foundation in safe accounts. It is lucrative to be big time public servants. You can even have the FBI destroy evidence and the DoJ to turn a blind eye to what would put you or I away for life.

The really sad part is a large portion of Americans find that perfectly acceptable in a public servant.

Scott Shaver

Your public education dollars at work for last 3 decades

Scott Shaver

As well as your SBC seminary dollars would appear😛

Alex Guggenheim

Let's see, he chose a conservative born again Christian for his VP but is going to now choose leftist judges according to Lee? Someone help Lee with his conspiracy theories.


Jimmy Carter might fit Lee's criteria for Prez. Christian. Sunday School teacher. Never divorced. Moral. Etc.

Problem is, he was a disasterous president. And even after with his Arafat shenanigans.

Robert Vaughn

Peter: According to McMullen, he hopes to be on the ballot in 40-45 states...

This is not up-to-the-day, but I found on Evan McMullin's web site as of September 29th he was on the ballot or a write-in in 34 states. He may have gotten on others since that post, but I think by now it is past his working to get on any more ballots. We've already started early voting here in Texas. He is write-in here, as he is in more places than not.

Scott Shaver

The problem in the SBC is you've got novice Christians, celebrity gurus and young guys who haven't been around long enough to grow a beard trying to instruct Christians who've been walking the talk and paying their spiritual dues for generations.

Would love to see how full of themselves these paragons of virtue will be 20 years from now.


Scott, without the instruction, protection and money from their SBC gurus, they won't know what to believe or do.

Scott Shaver

Thats why down here in SE Texas when posed with the question of suitable candidates other than HC, the typical response is El Diablo Por Favor😘

Scott Shaver

Let both Russell and big Al put that in their reformed evangelical-analytical pipes and puff to the hearts content

Scott Shaver

I repeat an earlier comment, " these guys just can't seem to live in the present". Russell Moore woke up this morning tweeting the yellow highlighted words of DL Moody as an appeal for the buttress of his religio-political convictions.

Somebody dig DL up, resurrect him, give him a two-week crash course on America for the last two decades...and then ask him to put his own words into current context.

These dudes think they're young and radical but I can't figure why they want to live perpetually in the past. Riddle me that.

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