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I will be an American, too, and vote "R" this election ... then go out in the backyard and throw-up! Beyond the future Supreme Court make-up (the most critical issue to me), Congress is on the chopping block, too ... we need as many "Rs" in office as possible. So, with one check, I will vote for some good Rs in my State, as well as some rascal Rs. I will vote "R" and hope for a better day ... and pray for Jesus to come back soon.


According to Hillary Clinton and Russ Moore you are now an official immoral deplorable.

Russ Moore and Hillary Clinton have much in common these days.

Scott Shaver

Got u beat Pete. Was among first in line for early voting toward Trump in Montgomery Cty Texas. First time in my life have early-voted.

Amazing how casting a vote for a "misogynist, racist, sexual predator" conservative was so therapeutic against the voices of the psuedo-intellectual baptist religio hacks.

Not only do I not feel "guilty", I feel relieved.


"misogynist, racist, sexual predator conservative" vs. "psuedo-intellectual baptist religio hacks"

Scott, I don't know which is scarier!

Scott Shaver

Believe me, the baptist hacks are scarier than psycho clowns IMO. Happy Halloween Max.

Eric O

Hey Scott,
Did you experience that problem some Texas folks are having voting straight "R" then to have Clinton selected. Any
first hand knowledge on whats going on?

Scott Shaver

My county (Montgomery) is primarily Republican, Eric.

I voted straight R and checked before submitting to make sure the right names were in the right places.....my vote for Trump/Pence registered correctly.

Don't know about Austin (weird democrats).


Scott, there is a move here to take a screen shot of complete ballots --which is legal here. They should do this in Chicago where so many dead people vote democrat. :o)

We should distrust our voting process and closely monitor it. Anyone remember when those absentee ballots of military were thrown out during the Gore/Bush count?


Our machines only show total votes per precinct. We have no way to check if it registered correctly.

Scott Shaver

I have no doubt that significant fraud via voting booths settings or malfunctions has been going on for a number of years.]

Screen shots of the voting booth screen is a good idea, no wonder its illegal in some states.

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