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Very proud of Jack for publicly standing up to the Mohler/Moore cabal. Self righteousness is exactly it. Are we really debating which candidate is more moral while Rome is burning? And it is. we have a small amount of time to turn the " oligharcical big government in bed with multinationals" around. Hillary has made a killing off pay to play. Both have sold us out for years.

I have maintained since Moore first spoke on this it is about the establishment and him being tapped by pundits for his opinion on camera and in print. This is about his personal brand. Mohler should have stayed silent but they are so used to having thought control of their young followers they forget there are adults outside their bubble.

From a monetary POV, Mohler might have caused future problems for Southern. I do know Moore angered some local execs a while back with one of his biased pieces on his site about BP oil spill.

Moore also has a tendency to play both sides on certain issues for expediency. A lot like Hillary depending on who she is talking to.

Scott Shaver

Somebody once accurately pointed out that "Russell Moore is a terrible representative of evangelicals."

Whatever else you may think of the man, he hit that nail on the head.

Alex Guggenheim

Me thinks Jack has been reading some Pete! Way to go!


If you knew our representative congressman, a silver spoon limo liberal, Yarmouth, you would know how much that group appreciates Mohler's stand on Trump. Maybe Mohler will get the cover of Yarmuths liberal local publication, LEO.


Sorry, spell check keeps changing "Yarmuth" to Yarmouth.

Scott Shaver

Mohler has always seemed to play to power more than principle.

Scott Shaver

Kudos to Jack Richardson for simple, irrefutable logic.

The only mistake I can see here is that of hoping Russell Moore might actually attempt to reconcile the stark contrast of some of his political views with his actual job description per donors.

Scott Shaver

On Feb 16 2009, Albert Mohler published an article entitled:
"President Clinton's Spiritual Enablers Reaping an Unholy Harvest". The article was a scathing rebuke leveled at SBC moderates as being responsible for creating the climate for a "morally bankrupt presidency" in Bill Clinton.

Now that "moderates" are no longer a recognized presence within the new delusional "SBC", Mohler and Moore are alienating at least half of what's left of their religious constituency by supporting Hillary Clinton (inadvertently through their hatred for Trump) and unleashing upon America a demonstrated and exponentially worse version of the prototype "morally bankrupt presidency".

Wonder who's gonna get the blame for CLINTON2?

Scott Shaver

As for Russell Moore on the BP oil spill.

The guy owes the laptop from which he pens his social commentary as well as the clothes he wears, the vehicles he drives, the highways he travels and the sippy-cups for his latte to the petroleum industry.

Where would Christian ethics be today without such things?

I doubt seriously these guys will be the first to start chopping fire-wood, picking cotton and recharging their electric cars on dirt roads when hydrocarbons are made "obsolete".

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