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Scott Shaver

Lydia, you really don't think YRR and Moore have a lot in common with Islam do you?

After all, there is only one true "gospel" and it's prophets are TGC and ERLC.

Robert Vaughn

Scott, my comment about boilerplate terminology reflects my thinking that Moore gave a fairly standard answer that any Baptist could give in any context or almost no context. We probably agree that this re Islam is a much more difficult topic that requires something beyond standard answers. (Still holding that Pastor Wofford's question was kind of convoluted, but Moore probably would have still given a boilerplate answer to the most skillfully devised question. That's politics! These report times are designed for promotion purposes mainly anyway, and those on the stage want to promote what they're promoting.)


Scott writes "The SBC, like the Babylon Bee, is nothing more than a religious gag reel in terms of its bottom-line effect on at least one local blowing and growing baptist church that I'm aware of."

Agreed Scott. Local church autonomy is still holding the New Calvinist movement at bay in most local churches, except those which have been taken over by the movement through stealth and deception. So locally, things don't look so grim ... but nationally, the NC elite have done a number on the denomination, now controlling most SBC entities. For local churches holding non-Calvinist belief and practice as their default theology, cooperating with a national leadership which does not is becoming more difficult. SBC church members in my area just don't think much of the theo-political wrangling by national leaders and are not willing to support their silly games.

Scott Shaver

Well said Max. There's a time to put away childish things.


Gosh. I hope people watch the videos instead of take the word of this blog. I know it says "He basically says", and thus protected the author from the letter-of-the-law accusation of slander, but my heavens did he misquote Moore!

peter lumpkins

Hi Johnny. The reason we post links to those whom we cite is because we have no desire for people to "take the word of this blog." We think people should think for themselves. What is more, I hope readers won't take your word at face value that I supposedly misstated what seems indicated by Moore's response. But if you can SHOW how I did so, please do so.

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