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Scott Shaver

Hubmaier is a good example of humility. Willing to listen to others and willing to continue learning.

Compare this to the recent Jonathan Merritt article on the modus operandus of TGC and it's interaction with the public via web and blog sites. Disagree or challenge their thinking and folks get blocked from viewing or participating. Real Christian courage in the face of honest debate and discussion, I think not.

TGC is not the only "Southern Baptist" group operating this way so I don't understand why Merrit singles them out without mentioning SBCToday or Pravda. Both of those sites operate in a similar fashion.

They're all pretty cowardly IMO. If this approach reflects a "courageous address" of "baptist" issues, I'd hate to see how they operate in time of real tumult.

Scott Shaver

Guess the only thing Hubmaier might identify with in today's SBC is a concept of "religious liberty"......applied to Islam only that is.

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