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Today observing all the meltdowns because of the Brexit vote I see again the common threads of what's happening in evangelicalism and politics (it's all really politics). You have these people such as Merritt, both the elder and younger, who consider themselves to be superior beings and we should all just sit at their feet and bask in their great knowledge and wisdom. But whether it's the church or out in the world in general people are fed up. People are weary. The peasants are tired of being condescended to. They're tired of being treated like drooling knuckle draggers because they happen to disagree with those who have set themselves up as somehow better. Every though now is binary - you're either on the right side or you're an idiot who hates Muslims, Gays, African Americans, religious freedom, the Bible, the Church, God, and America. There is no room for dissent. And there is not Christian charity from those who consider themselves oh so much better than those who disagree with them. People are just tired and they're not gonna take anymore.


"cultural control" is with the current establishment. I get a kick out of theguys profiling Trump as social conservative.

Meritt does not get it. In the words of a Clinton henchman,

It's the economy, stupid.

That is what is driving the anti-establishment populist movement in this country.

And has Merit forgotten that there was a time this country decided they did not care if the guy was a rogue and reelected him anyway?


Yes Mary, the establishment, whether in celebrity Christianity or government, are scared. So they do what? Insult people because they really do view them as inferior to themselves!


Chicago Q Conference

Jonathan seems to take personal shots in his writings toward older SBC leaders. He has done this to them on other subjects besides Trump. He does this because they expose his liberal views.

Alex Guggenheim

Merritt is a leftist and now wants to use a typical leftist tactic which is to attempt to shame traditional Evangelical Christians for their views extended out in application, politically.

Strangely, he and Russell Moore think alike, quite a bit.As Mary said, binary thinking like fanatics do.

The actual neo-crusades are coming from the left and Merritt, of course, is happy to ride along.

Sad At Liberty

Alex, you are correct. Moore is alot closer to Merritt than most know. That should concern SBC folks. Moore and Merritt both run with Feinberg, Lyons, Andy Stanley, and Ms. Evans. Moore and Merritt are bringing in liberal leaning views under the eyes of the SBC. Young Merritt should remember how good the Falwell family and Liberty has been good to the Merritt family. We have been there for them boys.

Scott Shaver

Don't think Jonathan Merritt is in a position to be "shaming" anybody.

The horses he's chosen to ride in the so-called "culture war" aka "accomodation" are pretty obvious.

Scott Shaver

Why are Merritt and Moore worried about anything "evangelicals" might be doing or not doing?

Didn't Russell Moore just recently make a public appeal for folks not to refer to him anymore as an "evangelical".

A month later he's back speaking of himself as one and as if those unregenerate and undependable "evangelicals" are actually willing to listen to him.

For somebody who's "emabarrassed" to be called an evangelical (over a political election) his embarrassment obviously doesn't override his desire to "rule" and "judge" them.

Make up your mind Russell.

Scott Shaver

Alex, no question Liberty has been good to the Merritt boys.

But the axiom seems to be that you can't be a good SBC "leader" these days without placing the knife squarely at the back and between the shoulder blades of those who support you.

Merritts and Moore are Exhibits A and B.

Sad At Liberty

Scott, Liberty has paid for the education of all three Merritt boys. James has benefited so much from Liberty and to see him and his three boys stick a knife in our back hurts deeply.Jonathan is the last person that should try and shame anybody. However, as James as put it "I have never been more prouder of my son".

Chicago Parking Lot

How does Jonathan Merritt call out evangelicals about their character for supporting Trump ? Ok, I can see others maybe doing it, but Jonathan. How does he have the nerve to talk about Trump's sexual sins ? Really Jonathan !


Jonathan took money as a staffer from a church where he kept his sexual orientation a secret -- on purpose. Until he was outed by other homosexuals who thought he was a phony. He was not honest nor did he have the courage of his lefty convictions. But he took the money. Also Merritt Sr seems to have run a MLM in his church fattening his coffers even more. I am done with both left or right charlatans.

Merritt jr made his big debut with an environmental statement he got some big SBC names to sign and then took it media public. Did they sign As a favor to daddy?

But have been warning folks for years Moore is a caste system elitist. He is a big believer in an elite who direct the serfs.

Chicago Parking Lot

Lydia, you are correct. Google Azariah Southworth and Jonathan Merritt. He should never call out Mr. Trump's sexual sins.

Chicago Parking Lot

No, Jonathan we do not owe Bill Clinton an apology if we support Trump.He just tweeted this out.I cannot believe this guy. Jonathan, you owe many an apology for your lies. The fact that Russell Moore communicates with Jonathan, Gabe Lyons and Andy Stanley speaks volumes.


Jonathan's lies only made him more popular with the elite. He is an opportunist. Just like Moore.


Did Jonathan ever officially "come out?" Didn't his "past" all blow up during that time when Mohler was declaring the SBC had been "wrong" regarding homosexuality?

Regarding Trump and Clinton. The difference is one man doesn't actually deny who he is while one man has still denies who he is. So yeah not really necessary to apologize to the guy who still denies who is.

Scott Shaver


Guess that explains the leftward leanings of one Jonathan Merritt.


Mary, you are right. He was 'outed'. He had no problem fooling a congregation for money. And then using the outing as a sort of badge of honor in the media to promote his personal brand as a religion writer.

All around hypocrite. Typical of the entitlement mentality coming from the young in ministry these days.


Lydia, I think I'm remembering this right. Mohler et al are now saying it's wrong to say that homosexuality is a choice because it's something inherent but Merritt says he had the gay relationship because he was molested as a child. I remember the PR spin was to focus on Merritt as a sexual abuse victim and not on his actions as an adult.

Chicago Parking Lot

A message to Jonathan Merritt, you continue to mock Trump's conversion . You are a practicing homosexual so how do you mock Trump. Two of your former gay partners are about to come forward about you. You have been warned. This is not a joke.

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