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Scott Shaver

Mohler was already working the Pressler/Patterson network at that time as a yellow journalist for the CR at the "Southern Baptist Advocate" if I'm not mistaken. Real sleazy stuff.

He ascended from mire of yellow journalism to the pinnacle of Southern Baptist seminaries virtually overnight and under veil.

Been a nightmare for Southern Baptists ever since.

His legacy will not be one of providing either stability or evangelical emphasis to the denomination.

Scott Shaver

Had Mohler gone to Southeastern, guess Danny Aiken would have shoveling out walking horse stables somewhere in Tennessee.

Different kind of shoveling that what he's involved with now :)


Sensing Gods will sooner than expected?


Hey! We don't even have to complete the interview and vetting process-- God spoke to each one of us within a few days!!! Al is Gods pick!

If only God had done such for the AnaBaptists being hunted and drowned.


Okay, I will bite . . .

Scott, I think that it is a bit of stretch to say that Dr. Mohler arrived at Southern Seminary "overnight and under veil." If he had been on the short list for SEBTS less than a year before, then it would be logical to assume that he would be interested in returning to his alma mater. With regard to the quickness of his hiring after the interview process, it is my understanding that he blew the hiring committee away with the detail of his plan to return SBTS to its confessional roots. As I heard him recount it, they asked a question expecting a two to three minute response, and several hours later they got to the end of his answer.

Furthermore, whether you agree with Dr. Mohler (or the CR) it is even more of a stretch to say that his has not provided stability. He has been there for 23 years! Its hard to be much more stable than that. Moreover, after the initial few years of driving out the moderates, the enrollment numbers have increased at both at the M.Div. program and especially the doctoral programs.

Likewise, I think your statement that he has diminished the "evangelical emphasis" within the denomination is incorrect. What evidence do you have for such a statement?


Steven, the propaganda behind Mohlers "brilliance" was ridiculous. Had there been social media at the time, I doubt it would have worked. We have proof now it was a scam. His brilliance was promoting himself to the SBC masses as a culture warrior while working to remake the SBC a Reformed denomination. Even his education is run of the mill. Nothing spectacular. He was also able to score a lot of media which tends to make followers proud instead of dubious.

Brilliance in Christendom must come with wisdom. There was nothing spiritually wise about his tactics. Might I remind you of Driscoll and Mahaney? Mohler sought and succeeded into making you part of a shepherding cult. Congrats!

And let's not forget that SBC "roots" are pro slaver and pro caste system thinking. The caste system thinking is back in full force. No thanks. I will take freedom of conscious and no King but Jesus style of Baptist of my SBC childhood before Mohler became the guru for you guys. He has done nothing but create thousands of little entitled perfumed princes' who can't think their way out of a parking lot.


Love me some Fundamentalists.

Scott Shaver


U speak truth :)

What the difference between a "Hobbs-Rogers Traditionalist" and a denomination-surrendering "Fundamentalist"?

Answer: There is no difference.

Scott Shaver


You're wasting your time. I don't countenance young historical revisionists, especially when it comes to the SBC and church history both European and American.

Scott Shaver

"Perfumed princes who can't think their way out a of parking lot"

That pretty much sums up the situation.

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