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". Because there are people who want to keep the segments of society as victims so they can "get out the vote" because the only solution to help "victims" is a federally solution - whether it's schools or policing or health care. Some people believe that an elite few should rule from on high thinking they know what's best for the masses. This is all political. People are easily manipulated"

Yes. And it is all done under the guise of compassion which is insidious. There is a bigotry of low expectations that people ignore or view as compassion.

Frankly the situation reminds me a lot of the Palestinians who were used as political footballs for the ruling Arab oligarchies. It was to the ruling oligarchies benefit that the Palestinians stay poor and angry. The worst thing that could happen to them was for the Palestinians to become educated and financially stable. Can you imagine being proud of convincing several generations of people that they are totally unable to progress in their lives? That they need these social activists, politicians and media types to become independent functional self-governing citizens? It is an insult.

The president has fanned the same flames here. And Russ Moore needs for them to be poor and dependent so he can look like a defender in the media. Their definition of racism is if you don't agree with their premise.

All lives matter.



Regarding the Dallas shooter who told police he wanted to kill white people, specifically white cops:

“I think it’s very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter,” Mr. Obama said of the gunman, Micah X. Johnson. “By definition if you shoot people who pose no threat to you, you have a troubled mind.”

So we can't know the motive of the man who told cops his motives but everybody (including Obama) knows the motive (racism) of the cops involved in police shootings.

And what's the "solution"

Federal guidelines for police departments
Federal oversight for police departments
Federal prosecution of police officers

Federal gun registrations/background checks
Federal gun laws prohibiting certain guns
Federal "terrorist" watch lists prohibiting suspected "terrorists" from purchasing guns.

See a pattern here?


Just like the public schools here, the inmates are running the asylum. At some point there has to be basic right and wrong and those categories pertain to everyone no matter what your color or your status.

The issues that Mary has listed are the exact reason why people are turning against the establishment.


Lydia, there are people who still think the main purpose for Obamacare was to help the uninsured and help with costs. The fact is that now the federal government controls the healthcare of every single American.


I know some people will ignore this article because of the site but they provide links to prove the points being made which is what reputable people do. Disreputable people will call people names who make statements and points they don't like.



I don't know this site and there are some graphic pictures (blood soaked t-shirt of the man who was shot). The narrative has been set but leaks are coming out that don't fit the narrative. Just like the Michael Brown case the facts may not actually match the narrative.



"Lydia, there are people who still think the main purpose for Obamacare was to help the uninsured and help with costs. The fact is that now the federal government controls the healthcare of every single American."

It is killing the middle class 30 something couples with kids. They cannot get ahead. They have huge deductibles and monthly payments that are an average of 6-700.

And Russ Moore wonders why we are so disgusted with his attempt to get a seat at the establishment table? The republicans did nothing. Now it is here to stay as far as federal control and the IRS can fine you! Not only that but congress is exempt. Oligarchs!


A federalized police? He will do what he has done with schools and threaten to withhold federal money unless they put in transgender bathrooms. I am stunned that so many people cannot or will not see that we have voted ourselves an oligarchy. There are very few people left in this country that are not in someway beholden to the federal government and its largess . Just the way Obama and Hillary wanted and the Republicans go along with. Because there is nothing worse in this world than being sought to be mean, right?


Lydia, my son has a chronic health condition. Because of his compromised immune system we've had trips to the ER and or hospital stays over these last many years ever winter. We've always had health insurance through my husband's work. Every year it pays for less and less and we have to pay more and more out of pocket. This on top of increased premiums that his employer pays. Turns out all that "free" stuff isn't free. The costs are being passed on to the middle class. This of course was the purpose because the original intent was as has been admitted by Hillary in this election season to move incrementally to single payor health care. When people like us are being hit then of course we cry out for relief and every problem has a government solution - a Federal Solution. More and more people dependent on the Federal Government for another aspect of their lives.

Another thought to remember. Seven years ago when everyone was fighting over Obamacare Dems insisted that Obamacare was not a Trojan Horse for Single Payer. We now know they lied.

Back in the early oughts when Republicans were pushing for a marriage amendment Hillary stood on the floor of the Senate and said a marriage amendment wasn't necessary because gay people didn't even want marriage rights. Obama of course told us he believed (as did Hillary) that marriage was only between a man and a woman. They lied.

Now today liberals are pushing gun control "no we don't want to take away anybody's guns. Just "common sense gun laws" How on earth are we supposed to believe these people who lie over and over about what their ultimate goals are?


Mary, I think psychologist George Simon is on to something. His view is that the shrinking middle class that works real jobs is carrying this country on their tired backs. The rich and those living off state entitlements are being carried by the middle class. How long can we expect that to work?

I believe there is a real divide and conquer strategy going on for control. And you know what scares me the most? The lack of small businesses. The backbone of independence and independent thinking. The regulation and red tape makes it prohibitive for the average person. our leaders want employee drones.

The gal who fills pudding cups at the hospital is an employee of a French multinational conglomerate. The UN is deciding which refugees we take in. The Chinese are our loan sharks.

We lost our sovereignty as a nation long ago. It will take a serious major route in DC to make a dent in what we have become.

We watched John Adams over the holidays with the teens. Such great lessons in there about what it took and how the idea of self government was so radical. We are giving it away through pure ignorance and apathy. I want to see people become all they can be. What if they don't want that? Is that where we are? Then we have Christians teaching such thinking is a selfish sin. Maybe they just want spiritual control and power?

Scott Shaver

IMO, Southern Baptist "leaders" and talking heads like Russ Moore and Alan Cross are part of the Obama/Hillary agenda for America.

Driving in the wedges of anger and racism with their white-guilt rhetoric.

Scott Shaver

I would say that Jerry Falwell Jr was spot on with his hunch that Russell Moore is a closet liberal. I'll go one step further and hypothesize that he's also a closet Democrat as well.

Scott Shaver

Thabiti Anyabwile is out of his mind thinking Clinton/Kaine is an "astonishingly faith-sensitive ticket."

Black, white or chartreuse, let's see how "faith-sensitive" they are should God-forbid they win the election.

What's this guy smoking?

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