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The R establishment doesn't care if they throw the election to Hillary because if you defeat the insurgents than the elite in the Party keep their jobs. If Trump wins a lot of the elite would be looking for new careers. It's all about who gets to keep their power.

What would be interesting is if the Bernie Bros convince Bernie to run - what would a four way split look like? A young man who works with my hubby has been an Obamabot for the last 8 years so he's a liberal on any policy as you can imagine but this election he cannot stand Hillary and is talking about voting for Trump. We've also been talking about the idea that some have that there may be more Trump supporters than anyone knows because a lot of people won't actually admit they're voting Trump but when they're in that election booth they're going Trump. It's kinda the phenomenum we see with Obama's polls. His likability ratings are always high but when you break down into issues about direction of the country, foreign policy, the economy etc he's underwater. It's sorta of a "I'm not a racist I like the guy but when it's his policies it doesn't do so well." With Trump you may get a lot of "I would never vote Trump," but his emphasis on illegal immigration, trade, standing up to the world who's been dissing us for years is resonating with a lot of people.


Mary, what is happening would make a great study in psychographics. The old lines are gone. Young/ old for Bernie. Young/old for Trump. Blacks for Trump.

The establishment is freaking. Especially what some thought were safe seats. I mean think of who might challenge them!

I am just blown away. It is somewhat of a subversive populist backlash.

There are a group of black pastors from the hood here not happy with our new white republucan gov ( we have only had 2 in 60 years) because he is not making charter schools his number one priority!

Who woulda think it?


The establishment wants Hillary to win. They see her as much more controllable than Trump. They have a comfy system. Every now and then a few Renegades get into the senate or congress. But even Obama was promoted by The Establishment, for crying out loud. He was the establishment Manchurian Candidate.

Kristol, eh? He still around? He still a think tank Republican? Everyone from Ross Perot knows what a 3rd party does. Now how embarrassing will it be when very few people are Plastering those bumper stickers on their car? Some of this, for me, is reminiscent of old rock stars trying to resurrect their careers and be relevant again.

Scott Shaver

"Rock Heads" would be closer to truth than "rock stars".

Scott Shaver

Bill Kristol: "Leadership Matters" Yes, if your goal is to jump headlong with others off the precipice of Mt. Hillary.

Alex Guggenheim

There have been a couple of times a third party existed as a genuine threat to the success of either the Democrat or Republican Party. This will not be the case with Bill Kristol. He and his "movement" better termed a "knee-jerk" will slowly die with what little fanfare he can muster even if he is able to produce a candidate.

Donald Trump will repeat the mandate he has laid out at his website which is perfectly along the lines of Republican and conservative values. Secondly, he will successfully contrast that with the far-left anti-constitutionalist socialist ideology and objectives of Hillary.

The contrast between the two is so great that the few people who self-righteously believe they are above making a choice between these two will be so insignificant that Bill Kristol and his organization will collapse by July.

Kristol is a mega-rich man who can afford this narcissistic exercise but the voting public will understand they cannot afford this and will reject him and his organization and his candidate, if they even get that far, understanding that we, as a nation, cannot afford such an indulgence.

Besides, such groups are generally comprised of malcontents and there is no satisfying malcontents.

Donald Trump has laid low for the last two to three weeks because he is drafting an overall strategy and the various tactics to be employed along the way. This is a man who began as an outsider one year ago with 17 experienced politicians in the group of those running and he crushed them all including the great debater, Ted Cruz.

This was no accident. Donald Trump is shrewd and he understands the voting populace far more than people like Bill Kristol whose expertise is in wordsmithing and not sizing up people In order to muster and lead them.

As well Donald Trump is a driven man who has succeeded, not in the playing on the field of politics where things are constantly levelled through manipulation and power plays but by savvy and developing strategies, winning strategies. This is not to say that politicians cannot develop winning strategies but this is to say Donald Trump has done this repeatedly in arenas in which of the competition was fierce expert and utilized far more tools than the average politician.

He will communicate broadly and clearly and convincingly his message to a majority of the voters and will win the election in spite of the help of the various media and enemies of sound Doctrine such as Russell Moore.


This is really interesting:



This is really interesting:



Interesting comment, Alex.

I have a theory that Trump is going to surround himself with outlier experts in various disciplines such as the economy, foreign policy, etc, without worrying about party affiliation. This will scare both parties, too. I bet the consultants and lobbyists are not happy either. At least the ones I know, aren't.


Great link, Mary. Mexico has been top of the list for over 50 years. Not war refugges, either.

Scott Shaver

Agreed Mary on Mexico. Good post Alex.

Russell Moore IS a "lobbyist". If anybody was "consulting" him about the nature, state and temperament of "American Evangelicals", their money was obviously thrown down a black hole.

Perhaps not a bad thing if any money involved were Soros dollars.

Moores Doctrine: "The Gospel" is what I say it is, Scripture be hanged.

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