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This is so obviously Moore building his personal brand at SBC expense, it takes my breath away. Are we so mired in Kardashian Christianity that people cannot see this for what it is?

peter lumpkins

It's more pronounced than in any era in my lifetime amongst "national" faces in SBC circles. Because of social media, it's now possible to build a mass following without ever doing much of anything really. I know Mega pastors had their "preacher boys" they promoted. However, even when some of them got promoted and/or gained a position in a large church, the "preacher-boys" had to swim or sink. With social media, one can become a "star" for nothing, and even remain a star IF he or she stays in the good graces of the social media celebrity....


This is the little man I saw at the 2009 convention jumping around in the back yucking it up with his loyal young entourage while playing on their phones as people spoke on stage. Okey dokey.

The SBC has done the equivalent of giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys in the form of position, power and money.

Scott Shaver

Peter asks if "its time for Southern Baptists to change leadership in their Washington DC office?"

My question in tracing the history of Russell's Moore's leadership becomes when did he ever actually establish "leadership".

Looks to me like he lost a of his denominational heart right along with a good portion of renegade and individualistic SBsheep right out of the gate. Puzzling thing is he's continued charging hard in that direction ever since right up to the GOP nominee for POTUS.

If you started with potential millions for whom you were the voice of religious conscience/ethics and find yourself with a handful of like-minded individuals (including Ben Sasse) jumping off a cliff...how is that leadership?

Somebody also please explain to me what it means to be "on the wrong side of Jesus"? According to some Calvinists I know that can only mean heaven on the right and Hell on the wrong.

Guess we can skip the throne judgements now huh?

I don't think Elijah prayed heaven shut for 3 and 1/2 years over a "candidate" for King of Israel who appeared a little more inclined to call for a halt to the wholesale slaughter of Christians around the world, than his likely opponent will...or has demonstrated.

Moore's tossing around the term "soul freedom" today like he's the reincarnation of E.Y. Mullins. Up until now, they (Moore, Mohler, etc) have run from Mullins like the plague.

At least Trump has done some favors for Moore the CR and fellow Southern Baptists could not, it's given him a new appreciation for "The Axioms of Religion" as well as any false notion about minimal Anapbaptist influence in the SBC bloodstream.

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