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Since Moore is stuck on black and white, racism, etc, shall I point out Burk is the Dean of a college named for a man who was pro chattel slavery --named as late as 1994. Moore never seemed to have a problem with the focus on the pro slavery Founders of the SBC. Seems strange he NOW pontificates on white racism. But it plays better in the media than his former pet issue: patriarchy.


"It apparently never dawns upon Denny Burk and #NeverTrump advocates like Russell Moore that what's presently happening within the Republican Party is not indicative of the GOP selling its soul; rather what's happening within the GOP and Donald Trump's win as presumptive presidential nominee indicate the GOP has already sold its soul. The rise of Donald Trump isn't causing division in the Republican party; division in the Republican party caused the rise of Donald Trump. The GOP sold its political soul long before Donald Trump ascended as a national Republican spokesperson. In a real sense, Donald Trump is what happens when a political party loses touch with the core instincts with which it attracted patriotic voters in the American politic."

The republicans never took on Obamas horrible policies. And for good reason. They like their positions and perks. And it would look racist because everything now is about image and perception. All you have to do is accuse someone of being to wait or a racist and your career is over .
These same republicans don't ever have to worry about Obama care because they are exempt even if they are voted out!. They have gone along with passing laws for which they are exempt. We are in a horrible trouble. The fact that nine UNelected judges can make a new law for the land is about as dangerous a precedent as you can get. But congress was thrilled as they did not want to hash iit out or leave it to the states.

I believe there is another layer to the situation concerning the young restless and reformed. They are desperately trying to soften their well deserved authoritarian image. Just as what has happened historically with Calvinism, they tend to take on liberal issues to do that. Moore is touting a social Gospel: Be ashamed you are white. If you don't agree then you are a racist and do not know the gospel.

What I don't understand is why he only sees color now and not precious souls?

Scott Shaver

Hear Burke..See Moore. See Burke...Hear Moore.

Scott Shaver

Moore is from Woolmarket/Biloxi MS. I've got friends still pastoring all over the state of MS and not one who doesn't think Moore's off his rocker.

According to his own testimony, Moore's "ephiphany" on race was triggered by his embarassment over displaying a confederate flag to black friends in his own home.

Perhaps the best course of action for Moore would have been to take down the icons in his own home before he made out his guest list.

Wonder if he's remembering now to do that with the painting of CSF Chaplain Broaddus hanging in his Washington ERLC office?

Burke has Boyce....so there's that. Can almost hear "Dixie" whistling in the background.

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