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Chris, So if I disagree with Moore on say, cremation, it automatically means I hate Calvinists?

This is how it worked for Obama, too. If one disagreed with his policies, it meant they hated African Americans.

That is what passes for logic these days.


Lydia, it is now and I guess has always been "hateful" to disagree with Calvinism and the Calvinists celebrities. It parallels the political discussions going on at various blogs. If you disagree with Obama it's only because you're a racist. If you think Obamacare is a disaster it's only because you want poor people especially minorities to die. If you think the War on Poverty has been an abject failure and maybe it's time to try something different you hate poor people and want to keep them down.

NonCalvinists have always been attacked for having blogs where the discussion is critical of Calvinism/Calvinists. Never mind all the places where Calvinism is praised and defended. Never mind yet another satire site that mocks nonCalvinists. NonCalvinists are not supposed to have sites where they can have discussions about their disagreements with Calvinism and the direction of the SBC. It's hate. You're obsessed. Now nonCalvinists are not even to be allowed to disagree with the politics of Calvinists.

Chris actually believes that because you spend a little time on a nonCalvinist blog that means you must be obsessed with Calvinism. I'm watching the Jewish political blogs this morning as Netanyahoo has formed a new very conservative coalition which is sure to tick off liberals in the US and I'm wondering what's going to happen with peace talks. I'm watching the news about the Egyptian plane that "disappeared" off the radar, Keeping up on the Rolling Stone UVA Rape story developments (it was a hoax); BLM Activist who spoke at the UN arrested for pimping out a 17 year old girl. Offline my son and I are binging through the Walking Dead and have some interesting discussions about some of the moral dilemmas examined in the show. My older son has to visit a friend who broke his femur in a motor cycle accident and so I have to figure out dinner accomadating his schedule; a new grandbaby for friends requiring a shopping trip; telling my daughter to be careful shopping at Target because weird stuff is going on - I have this whole life with thoughts and ideas but according to Chris because I take a few minutes here and there on a blog he seems to have real issues with begging the question of why he's even here I'm a person who's obssessed with Calvinism. Projection much. It's actually sad and it make me wonder what kind of life that some people have that they think this little bit that happens online reflects what people are doing in life. I'm about to get off the computer until later today when I'll have time to check the various blogs I follow - news, politics, theology, personal; but once I'm off I have enough things to occupy my thoughts that I won't be thinking about what's going on here or elsewhere but yeah I'm obsessed.

peter lumpkins


I warned you not to continue inserting Calvinism into this exchange. The issues I raised over Burk and Moore, along with the criticisms I offered, stand or fall on their own merit. The reason you're bent on it I fully understand. It's perfectly normal when one fails to make his or her case on one subject to change the subject to another. I get that. But it's not working here. If you can't offer reasonable responses to the criticisms we've made concerning Drs. Moore & Burk's politics, you're just going to have to wait until a post is published on a subject to your liking.

Have a very nice afternoon...

With that, I am...

Scott Shaver

Chris, you're obsession/paranoia with "Calvinism" in this thread leads me to believe you don't have nearly as much confidence in the "the system" as you claim.

What up with that?

Scott Shaver

Additionally Chris, being "godly" and being "politically savy" don't necessarily go hand in hand, i.e. Jimmy Carter.

Scott Shaver

young, restless, radical, reformed...and now angrily "third party".

When you don't feel smiley, there's always WYLIE :)

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