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Jeff Moore

Is it not possible, that the evangelicals that support Trump are doing so because that is what they were predetermined to do? Or at least, they were not predetermined to support another candidate, and because they have been left to fend for themselves, their candidate Trumps all others?


I can't believe Dr. Moore would slam a fellow Presbyterian like that! ;^)

Peter Wielhouwer

Thanks for posting this, Peter!

Rick Patrick

Outstanding analysis, Peter. Allow me to link two companion essays.

This first one is my own piece about the ERLC, as a 501C3 organization, engaging in political advocacy that is questionable with regard to the Internal Revenue Code. http://sbctoday.com/is-the-erlc-breaking-the-rules/

This second one is a piece by Adam Harwood cautioning Christian leaders against political endorsements or name calling. Dr. Harwood is consistent in his appeal that debates regarding all topics be strictly centered on the issues and not devolve into discussions of personalities. This approach seems especially appropriate when addressing politics. http://sbctoday.com/a-caution-to-christian-leaders-on-public-discussions-of-a-presidential-candidate/

Debbie Kaufman

Peter: Why is it when I read you or SBCToday I have this overwhelming desire for a shower.


" While I welcome Trump to the marketplace of ideas just like any other candidates.... "

This is what I find most troubling. In Moore's world to be open to ideas from one he finds repugnant is couched in the realm of not being a proper Christian. To disagree with Moore is to support Trump. They approach many issues in this unthinking manner. But it works for those who follow gurus/cult of personality.

I have my suspicions. Moore's rhetoric is so over blown and his efforts to enlist for the anti Trump cause, using his new platform, leads me to believe he is trying too hard to be accepted by the DC establishment. It comes off as Moore building his brand.

Moore's behavior in that position, in general, actually tells us a lot about Moore. He goes for low hanging fruit which is popular but very unwise.


I wonder if Moore banned the reading of the vulgar and profane Luther when he was teaching--- implying a proper Christian would never promote Luther? Or was Luther a "man of his time" with correct doctrine so he gets a pass? :o)

Scott Shaver

Moore is the contemporary example of why "Southern Baptists" have no business in Washington, joined at the hip as they are to the Republican party and agenda. GOP heads/advisors carry far more sway than churches, baptists, or the example of Christ (for that matter). Democrats own the BJC by way of contrast. Disgusting and embarrassing.

See no difference between the thinking of these guys on both sides and the social gospel of Edward Bellamy and Henry George during the Guilded Age.

Both of these entities are, in-essence, PACS and need to be funded/regulated as such. Will be making sure that not a dime of my church contributions find their way to either entity.

Scott Shaver

Public Enemy used to sing "911's A Joke". Moore touts rap music.

How bout "5013c is A Joke"?

Scott Shaver

In response to Debbie Kaufman's comments,

I would imagine that needing to take a shower is a feeling that comes over you quite often :0


Practically speaking, isn't Russell Moore untouchable as long as he agrees with Al Mohler?


Thanks for the engagement guys. In our present era, every entity head seems to be "untouchable" so to speak. Far too many situations exist where trustees are friends and "buds" with the entity leader rather than representing the interests of 40K+ SBC churches.

Scott Shaver

Luther was a man of his time and gets a pass.
Boyce and Broadus, men of their times also getting passes.

Rest of us are "idolaters" and quasi-christian

Rick Patrick

Ann Coulter brands Russell Moore as desperate for liberal approval. http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2015-10-28.html


I'm not a Russell Moore fan ... but I do have concerns about political candidates who jump on the Jesus wagon for votes, when there is no evidence that they have been on that ride before. Of course, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find a national son seeking the highest office in this country who doesn't have some sort of shame in their background. We just ain't producing Christians like we used to. America is a mess because the church is a mess.


"I'm not a Russell Moore fan ... but I do have concerns about political candidates who jump on the Jesus wagon for votes, when there is no evidence that they have been on that ride before"

Ironically, Russ Moore is using the Jesus bandwagon,too. The difference is he is paid to use Jesus in the voting block strategies. Not tell people who they should not vote for. Where is the "Liberty" part of the ERLC. He is not even modeling that concept for the SBC!

Another irony, The vulgar/crude Trump is more honest than Moore! I will take a vulgar, direct and honest jerk anyday over a deceptive game playing "Professional Christian" using others to build his national name recognition.


BTW, are the same people jumping on the Moore bandwagon against Trump some of the same ones who used to promote and defend Driscoll? I believe that is the case on some of the Pravda threads. Driscoll was vulgar in the Name of Jesus.

Scott Shaver

Ann Coulter got this one right.

Scott Shaver

What comes first, chicken or egg?

Which is worse, jumping on Jesus bandwagon for votes or.....

In the name of Jesus marginalizing as non-Christian those who opt for other than the "preferred and acceptable" candidate?

Believe me, both "Christian" and "Non-Christian" candidates don't mind using Jesus to drum up votes.


Pravda's a little late but they have jumped on the "if you like Trump not only are you not a Christian but you're a racist!" bandwagon.

Scott Shaver

Dave Miller says not in a billion years if the nomination doesn't go to suit him (Trump)

Ridiculous.. One low-budget megalomaniac refusing to vote for another high-budget "megalomaniac" FOR BEING A MEGALOMANIAC.

We're definitely through the looking glass now.

Scott Shaver

Have seen him (Miller) show less finesse on his religious blog site with women that Trump has in six months of campaigning for U S political office.

As far as I'm concerned it's like a fragment of charcoal calling the tea kettle black!


Miller always supported the misogyny of Driscoll so him complaining about Trump now is nothing but a joke. Miller is just a fanboi of Moore so if Moore says don't support Trump than Miller's gonna post one of his "me too, me too!" sycophantic pieces.

Bill Signer

I am not sure why Ann Coulter is being brought in as a credible voice in this discussion. This is a woman that has made her career on violent and arrogant statements that do little more than advance her own perspective of conservatism.

What exactly is she "getting right?" And what is Russell Moore getting so wrong? Is he wrong to say something about Trump, such as: "He is, after all, a casino and real estate mogul who has built his career off gambling, a moral vice and an economic swindle that oppresses the poorest and most desperate."

Where is the vitriol and disgust for the way Trump has gotten to where he is?

Moore is a Christian faithfully devoted to one wife, fathered/adopted/still raising children, poured his life into teaching students the Bible, and advancing the kingdom of God.

Colossians 3:8 is certainly something Moore has lived by....I can't say the same for Trump or Coulter.

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