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"Platt inherited a mess, so do not blame him for the mismanagement at IMB."

Which only makes it all the more bizarre he was chosen. Have we lost all common sense....anywhere?


Note Dr. Platt's answer to a frequently asked question regarding the IMB down-sizing:

"Q: How is IMB leadership considering the spiritual foundations of this practical issue?

A: IMB leadership stated that while the issue at hand is obviously financial, it is ultimately spiritual. God is not surprised by these financial realities. He has reigned sovereign over the IMB for 170 years, and He will continue to reign sovereign over the IMB for years to come. God has reigned sovereign over the direction of each personnel’s life to this point, and He will reign sovereign over these lives in the days to come."

That's a whole lot of sovereign going on! So sovereign God is making the cuts; thus, we're getting all bent out of shape about nothing here. IMB's deficit-spending was in the divine plan; they had no choice in the matter but to outspend giving.


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