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The direction you are choosing for this site makes sense.

Then to urge everyone to to navigate in the direction of loving one another is really the only path of healing among all of us who profess the gospel and is good advice for all of us.

What we all have witnessed is the colliding of doctrine among those that profess the Gospel in an unloving way.

I can say I've been guilty of that and in truth whether I see those who practice a differing doctrine admit to being unloving or not, doesn't matter in how I view their behavior as it only matters how I behave.

I will add that I have no idea how the SBC can continue to operate with their blinders on,,

I do think the differences and methodologies are significant enough that warrants a serious re-evalution of what doctrine and certain heavy handed methods is truly representative of the beliefs of the SBC. Otherwise the SBC will further blossom into an organization of contradiction of methods and doctrine.

This is what has spurred the lack of love you are talking about. I have no idea the solution other than pursue loving one another and prayer.

In truth I've often wondered if the best solution is allow the Calvinist as a whole to bask in victory so they can split hairs with each other in the hateful manner they have exercised against Christians who fail to embrace Calvinism and Calvin's methodology.

There are so many different dialects within the Calvinist Doctrine for them to fight over for the next couple of centuries that will keep them so busy and judging one another's salvation, they may simply disintegrate or self-destruct. So why collide with them in the first place?

I'm just not so sure I'd like to see this happening in the SBC and in my view Christians and Christian Calvinist have not shown me any reason why they should be in the same room together.


"In short, from the world's vantage point, while they readily acknowledge a gap in belief systems between them and the Church, they concede no gap in their behavior systems. Indeed in many respects, from the world's perspective, their moral behavior toward others far outshines the Christian's behavior toward others--especially toward other Christians."

As I have had to tell some folks I know: I can explain the behavior of the unbelievers to my kids but not the behavior of many adult believers they know, sadly.

Your posts on history have been wonderful. I hope to see some more in the future.



wow,,,That is similar to much of my problem with 2 separate "methodologies" within the Reformed Movement.

One Methodology embraces a Law and Sin Center Ministry more than a Christ Centered Ministry,,,whereas we spend more time focused on ourselves instead of Christ,,,and by focusing on ourselves we lack joy. And of course if we are focused on Christ we are less focused on temptation.
This works based theology also questions those that aren't pursuing (or fabricating) suffering and persecution and wearing it on their sleeves for all to see.
Pretty hard to see persecution on Christian that happy in the Lord!

The other Methodology is a little more complicated as the Reformed retaliate and judge believers to hell to those that don't submit to Calvin. (or question where they are going with their works based theology) Some will covertly attempt to indoctrinate Congregations to 5 Point Theology without even disclosing what they doing.

Why would a non-believer want in Christ if they have more joy than the believer enduring rebuke for not following Calvin?
Why would a non-believer want in Christ when Christians are colliding and judging one another to hell or accusing each other as being a bunch of practicing Heretics?

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