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I love the openness and egalitarian spirit of Amazon reviews but there is a downside. It is not hard to have negative reviews removed if the author complains. I know a few "Christian" authors who have done just that and stacked it with good reviews from their followers.

For that reason, I sort of admire authors that don't complain about negative reviews. In fact, some negative reviews actually make me want to read the book.


I read a lot of reviews on books and other products. My impression for books is that some of the reviewers have not even read the book being reviewed - on the positive side as well as the negative side. I think such reviews are agenda driven.

With regard to products, I have purchased products with some scary negative reviews but with many positive reviews. I have yet to have the bad experiences these reviewers had. With books, I will read the book first and then read the reviews. I am often amazed at what people say which causes me to conclude that the reviewer never read the book.

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