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Good Lord ... what's next?!! While it may not be apparent if Mooneyhan is part of the YRR movement, he definitely mimics Driscoll on the Ignite Church "Beliefs" web page: "When it comes to doctrine, culture, preferences, traditions, lifestyles, politics, behavior, etc., Ignite takes a closed-hand/open-hand approach." The closed-hand/open-hand mumbo jumbo is right out of Driscoll's playbook. Yep, the potty-mouth preacher from Seattle has made his "Mark" on 21st century church.


Whew! Just did some background reading on this "pastor". It's hard to tell if he's the second coming of Mark Driscoll or Fred Phelps! (Please tell me that this is not an SBC church plant)

To increase attendance at your church next Father's Day, you might consider the following Mooneyhan-style promotion. (Warning: graphic language): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2rtmOZemsQ

Dale Pugh

Was Jesus a "real man"? Absolutely! Just read the Gospels. But He was no idiot. Some of what passes today for "real man-ism" is simply stupidity in disguise. It is sinful rebellion against a holy God Who will hold us accountable for causing any little one to stumble. These "real men" should be grateful that there aren't more millstones available......


Might I suggest if Mr. Mooneyham is intent on maximizing his machismo on stages he change his last name, asap?

As to Driscoll and the SBC, have we actually learned any lessons from all of it? I don't think so. Last year I heard a YRR youth pastor praise the name of Mars Hill in a meeting and suggested it was the way for that church to go. Now this same YRR is the pastor and it is: "I never said that or you misunderstood what I meant."

Or both or something. IOW, you are a sinner for bringing that up.



As many in the reformed baptist camp did say and still say, we have far to many men in the pulpit who are not qualified. We have these young, intelligent and charasmatic guys coming up and starting churches without having been tested, without maturing from the bottom up, without meeting the qualifications of an elder/pastor, which are clearly defined in the scripture.


Lydia - I can take you to several SBC church plants in my area (including some with dual SBC/Acts 29 affiliation) pastored by Driscollites ... they haven't missed a beat since Driscoll was booted out of Acts 29. It will be interesting to see the "new" Driscoll and Mooneyhan after their season of "repentance". You can bet that Driscoll is thinking about his re-do right now. Reshaping Mooneyhan might prove to be a tougher job. It should be clear by now that neither one of these characters should be in the pulpit, but as long as they have a crowd of followers who have no wisdom they will be "preaching" something.


Max, If I were a betting woman, I would lay odds we will see Driscoll on something like Trinity Broadcasting and their huge purple velvet chairs telling a big repentance story with book to follow. He may lose his mega church but he will find a stage somewhere. That is what he does. So much of that entire movement is guru and stage driven.

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