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There may indeed be examples of cyber bullying that can be pointed to in the tragic death of the Caner son. And certainly sin needs to repented of. It seems to me though that there is a bigger and more dangerous sin that hangs like a dark cloud over this battle in the blogosphere, and that is the proliferation of tribalism that exists as it's source . The tribal lines and implications that bracket and preceeded this death should not be missed. This post, and the post that it links to, are really not anything more than continued shots in this larger "war". I really don't believe anything beneficial will come out of either of these posts unless both sides are able to publicly acknowledge the destructiveness of these tribal conflicts.


Phil, Some of us are not interested in unity with that sort of evil. Who tries to divide father and son? Surely it is not Jesus?


There is enough indwelling sin remaining in each of us to be offensive to others - not to mention bring grievous to
our own spirit. Surely the biblical admonitions to bear the weaker brother and to prefer the other over ourselves would go a long way in removing the tribal tendencies we must all resist, even if full injury remains out of our grasp. We cannot expect victory if we cannot even acknowledge the goal.

Bill Mac

Peter: Do you know the link between Mohler and MacArthur and White and Hall? I'm trying to figure out why Tim singled them out as having a particular responsibility to intervene. I asked Tim but he just said there were direct links. Is it just because they are prominent Calvinists? I agree wholeheartedly with the letter, but as I pointed out to Tim, identifying Mohler and MacArthur by name seems to imply that they bear some particular responsibility for Hall and White and their actions. Thanks.


Phil, What on earth are you talking about? Sounds like empty platitudes plucked out of context. Who is the weaker brother in your comment. Can you be more specific?

What exactly are we to ignore so "we can prefer others over ourselves" and feel pious while we protect evil? Child molestations? Bullying?

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