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We might add that David's sins were publicly aired by Nathan and David was publicly humiliated.

We might therefore ask, "If no one knows our sin, what is repentance?" Is it merely refraining from doing the sin again. If a husband gets away with adultery, is it sufficient that he not do it again just because he is afraid of getting caught? Is that what is meant by true repentance?

What exactly is 'true repentance'?

Pastor Gilliam's comment above would make a great opening for a fantastic sermon. I'd like to hear the rest of the sermon.

Chris Gilliam

David made confession to NATHAN not the NATION....Read 2 Sam 12 again.

Chris Gilliam

Also see Judah and Tamar Genesis 38. Remember, too these examples are contextual. Judah demanded a public audience and got one. David did not, but God provided the public audience in Absalom and david's harem.


"Scripture gives a clear picture through John the Baptist of true repentance. "Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God" (Matthew 3:8 NLT). "

Thanks Chris, Good stuff

The absolute best, in depth, look at repentance I have ever read came from the first chapter of Leonard Verduin's "Anatomy of a Hybrid". He starts off with John's Baptism of repentance and he gives an indepth scholarly look at what Metanoia would have meant to them. Still applies, btw. :o)

I don't have time to do a synopsis (and fear I could not do it justice) but highly recommend it. We see no recounting of sins, specific or generally. The proof would be in the life lived. And Jesus Christ, the Example.

The irony is that the Sinless One insisted on being Baptized along with the masses. Interesting look at that, too.



When it comes to repentance we are accountable to the Father.

He is the ultimate judge whether or not we have repented.

To cyber pit bulls who repetitively uses heavy handed humiliation tactics to destroy their adversaries in unloving and hateful ways is what I think Pastor Gilliam is talking about.

Most of David's rivals and critics were not necessarily followers of God.

Much of the repetitive criticisms being made by cyber bullies who publicly make fun of the names of their Doctrinal adversaries to "repent" is an indication of the cyber-bully's lack of faith of the Father for not allowing the Holy Spirit to carry their burdens after they address their concerns, instead they attack anyone who questions their hateful Methodologies, which include kids.


"true repentance?"

It is a godly sorrow which must work such repentance (2 Cor 7:10). Much of the repentance we see in church these days is not of that sort.

"There is sin in the camp. There is treason today! Is it in me? Is it in me? There is cause in our ranks for defeat and delay. Is it, O Lord, in me? Something of selfishness, garments or gold; Something of hindrance in young or in old; Something why God doth His blessing withhold; Is it, O Lord, in me? Is it in me? Is it in me? Is it, O Lord, in me?" (Leonard Ravenhill)

dustin germain (@paperhymn)

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peter lumpkins

Well, I intend to Mr. DoubleGAHoot, I intend to.

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Yeah, we are going to post a lot of your pictures, DoubleGAHoot Germain. Post your picture alongside that of a Cottonmouth and ask folks which one is more poisonous; you or the other pit viper.

donna J Irwin

Father God is Holy and righteous. Without repentance He will not hear us. If we ask Him He will reveal any hidden sin. In this we can have fellowship with Him. Thank You Lord that You never change.

B. Bowen

The article seems a little incomplete without some contemporary examples of repentance. Take Jordan Hall for instance. He did repent and offered an apology that was both specific and public. He didn't hide behind anyone. He didn't hesitate to lay all the evidence out and confront it honestly. He certainly didn't let it linger for years and fester into an infected sore that poisons everyone it touches. Wouldn't it be great if everyone would gather all of the evidence that their critics use; show it to the world; and then answer it point for point. Yeah! That would be great.


Speaking of repentance, perhaps a certain potty-mouth preacher will consider that now.

Breaking News: Mark Driscoll Ousted from Acts 29! http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/mark-driscoll-removed-from-the-acts-29-church-planting-network-he-helped-found/2014/08/08/e8e6137c-1f41-11e4-9b6c-12e30cbe86a3_story.html


"He did repent"

Repentance is a total change from within. A "From.....to" metamorphisis of your entire being. Can you please tell us how that took place so quickly. What has changed exactly that would be observable from the Old JD?

I think what you meant to say is he uttered an apology wrapped around many excuses and continued defense of himself.

I realize many in your movement are fooled as is Wade but many of us are not. This is what JD does. He thinks he has been appointed by God to "call people out". He was doing his twitter exchange with Braxton when his own child had just been flown to NICU a day or so earlier. We see his priorities. His manly manliness in going after teens who had nothing to do with any of it. And of course, he did not have enough discernment or wisdom to know that before he did it? I know pagans who have more common sense than he does. And his minions piling on? What kind of men are you people? Scary ones. And yet, they really do believe Jesus is thrilled with them. They know a different Jesus than I do.

So, B Bowen, Nice try on the spin. Not buying i


Pastor Chris wrote, "David made confession to NATHAN not the NATION....Read 2 Sam 12 again."

2 Samuel 12 begins, "And the LORD sent Nathan unto David." I guess the issue is whether the two were alone or was David conducting his kingly duties with all sorts of people around waiting to do his bidding. I take it that they were not alone. Maybe they were. Nonetheless, if alone, then Nathan wrote it all down so that everyone would know what happened.

Regardless, I still think it is great opening for a fantastic sermon. Maybe Pastor will preach it someday.

Chris Gilliam

RHutchin. I do a 4 hour lecture on Psalm 51, hope you come and hear it one day. As to Nathan wrote it down...[in that day to the entire nation]...have fun with that one. Did God have it in the text for us? Yes! Why? to call David to publicly share all the salacious details of his sin with Bathsheba? NO! Even the confrontation in 2Sam 12 it totally different than what is so often seen today. And to add to it, Nathan LOVED David. God SENT Nathan to David, not to the press. AND David repented- Psalm 32 and 51. But I'm sure that never satisfied all. The question is did it satisfy God. Yes!

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