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Your transition to Brewton-Parker College must've absorbed much of your time. I haven't seen too many postings on SBC Tomorrow, which is probably why the responses are few, most of us didn't know you are posting.

I have however, have read other threads challenging Hyper-Calvinians Un-Christian Sophomoric verbal tactics they liberally use to attack those they Doctrinaly disagree with.

I don't embrace Hyper-Calvinianism but thats not why I challenge them. I challenge their Un-Christian cyber behavior or their Stealth or Covert motivations of force feeding Hyper Reformed Doctrines, they themselves fail to find a concensus.

Scott Shaver

Good message on our power and primary purpose from Caner.

With regard to our contemporary SBC environment ... Semper Reformanda de Calvin.

Certainly couldn't hurt IMHO.

peter lumpkins


You're correct. The transition to BPC has been overwhelming. Frankly, I've not put in as many hours since I was driving an 18-wheeler over the road! :^). Though difficult, it's been as refreshing as anything I've ever done. I especially benefit from the opportunity to examine and appreciate more the campus life at a Baptist college as well as how the system runs from the inside. BPC has had some internal issues for quite some time, and we've seen the results in attrition, fiscal scandal, and basic incompetence and/or irresponsibility.

I realize it sounds trite but from my observation nonetheless true, Brewton-Parker is about to rise from the ashes. Once we get past SACS--we'll fairly well know the probable outcome tomorrow--a new day will dawn.

Truth is while I've known and served with some of Southern Baptist's greatest (and most well known) servants, no one I recall reaches beyond the passion and commitment toward excellence in Kingdom service than Ergun Caner. I knew him from afar before but now I know him up-close. I'm "expected" to say that I know. But truth is truth, and that's how I see it.

I hope to begin writing more. Things will slow down over summer. I appreciate your contributions here and also your readership, Mark. Lord bless.

With that, I am...

PS. BTW, the reason in part for the tardiness in comment posting is an attack on my platform, TYPEPAD. I'm thinking of switching to Wordpress soon but not just yet...

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