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I'm curious, is either Pastor Cooper or Dr. Hunter a Calvinist? Or is it a simulated debate?

Personally I've always found debate to be most challenging/helpful when both sides are true proponents of the idea they are defending.

peter lumpkins

Hi Josh,

My understanding is Cooper is a Calvinist. You can read more on each's profile here http://northwestbaptistmd.org/uploads/Brochure.pdf


Thanks for the additional info Peter,

Looks like an interesting line up.



I am curious to know where you did your doctoral work.

Les Prouty


Wayne Dorsett is a very long time friend. He pastored my wife's home church in Alabama where I preached my first ever sermon (thankfully there was no recording). Love Wayne. Fred Wolfe is also a friend, though more an acquaintance. He pastored Cottage Hill BC for years and was pastor to my mom and some other family members.

I'm sure they will be blessings at the conference.

Blessings to you.

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