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Thurman Jackson

This man can't preach! He is simply another idiot fronting like a true man of God.

peter lumpkins

Hi Thurman,

Thanks for your judgment even if it is a bit wacky. First, while you've judged Dr. Scott as a man who "can't preach," perhaps you have a specific definition of preaching in mind. Care to tease that out?

Second, specifically what did Dr. Scott say from the text that proved him to be an idiot? We need some indication it's not you who is the idiot instead of Dr. Scott.

Third, more seriously, you implicate Dr. Scott to be a charlatan ("fronting like") instead of a genuine Christian believer and minister. And, you judge this upon exactly what from the Psalm 22 message he preached? We need to know. For if you have nothing, you've just morally castigated a believer.

Thank about that before you log back on here, Thurman.

With that, I am...


THURMAN is a perfect example of a statement told me years ago by a well known attorney and state judge:
When you have the law on your side...argue the law
When you have the facts on your side...argue the facts
If you have neither...attack the person.
It should be noted that Thurman offered no 'facts' nor 'principles' and simply attacked C.B. Scott.
A cheap way out by a person who has little to offer.


Peter and Casey,

Addressing sinful "Methodologies" of those who verbally attack or sophomoric tactics of chastising one's last name given to them by God, needs to continue.

I argued the other day, on a different thread by what appeared to be one who embraces Hyper-Calvinian Methodologies who tastelessly expressed in his April 19th titled thread "We see you: SBC Today Canerizes Comments" and went on further to invent a term "Canerize the Canerization".

I mentioned they are childish. I then looked up the word Canerize in the dictionary, to inform them the word didn't exist, neither did Canerization.

I then later suggested they need to repent.

In truth if Thurmand or Hyper-Calvinians can't back up their opinions and Methodologies or when they attempt to sinfully justify their criticisms, you have to wonder if it is they, who are "Un-Regenerate" as they so passionately like to label Non-Calvinians.

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