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cb scott

"It's a Twilight Zone like experience!"

Well, Peter,

I doubt Rod Serling could have stated it any better.

Andrew Barker

Peter, I find it quite interesting to observe how White goes about his assassination of various people and his use techniques which, if used by others, are roundly condemned.

Without stealing any of your thunder (although I guess we've heard most of this before anyway) White makes great play about the fact that Barker (no relation!) doesn't mention that Calvin was not a citizen of Geneva at the time of Servetus's murder. It's just one of a whole list of so called facts which White brings to the discussion, which really have very little bearing on Calvin's guilt or not! You can almost hear White shouting "liar, liar, pants on fire."

The way White argues it, if you don't agree with his version of history, you are lying!

To which I just say, "pants"! :-)

peter lumpkins


You're certainly correct. I read in one paper there were, at the time of Calvin, somewhere around 12,000-14,000 people in the entire region of Geneva but only about 10% of the people were actually qualified to vote in elections. Even so, as you point out, Calvin's lack of citizenship affected his influence in the Servetus trial in what way exactly? How much more influence could Calvin have actually possessed? I do speak to this a bit more in the next post.

Lord bless...


Interesting historical fact: Adolf Hitler did not acquire German citizenship until 1932.

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