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Jan 24, 2014


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Bob Cleveland

Good things happening there!

Scott Shaver

WOW....nothing but good news out of Brewton Parker. Congratulations. Looks like a great team.


Well how about this? Congrats to you both.

Both appointments are causing me to see Ergun Caner in a different light. Instead of surrounding himself with young malleable yes men as others tend to do, he is bringing in some seasoned thinkers from the trenches. Well done.

I have been reading you both for some time now--CB from way back in the wild west Outpost days and so am very glad to see this. While we don't always agree on some things, I respect you both.


"Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way, at the crossroads, she takes her stand" (Prov. 8:1-2).

BPC is making a stand. I pray that other SBC-affiliated colleges will follow suit with such appointments to preserve Baptist identity within our ranks.

cb scott

Thank you, Bob.

You have always been a great encourager to me. You have carried the mantle of a Barnabas in my life.

Thank you, Scott Shaver.

I am humbled and overjoyed to be part of the new team here at BPC. In these recent weeks I have witnessed Dr. Caner as he has brought about a new joy in the lives of the true soldiers of Brewton-Parker. The staff of BPC have been working with great sacrifice during many stressful months.

I watched Dr. Caner as he ministered to some 20-25 year veteran staff members giving them hope of a new day as he gave them a refreshing and long needed change in their daily work load. The response has been a joy to witness.

I watched him as he had a dialogue today with a young facilities management worker. In a fifteen minute conversation he made a difference in that young man's life as an employ of a Baptist college.

I have watched him be gracious to many BPC employees in these last few weeks. My testimony as I have watched and listened to him as he has addressed staff, administration, and faculty is this. Dr. Ergun Caner is a gracious and benevolent man.

Another member of the team is Dr. Tim Searcy. Dr. Searcy is an academic visionary whose credentials are second to none among Christian educators. He is a devout man of God who has been making a difference in the lives of young men and women for the cause of Christ for over thirty years. (longer than that actually. He began ministry at 12 or 13 years of age.) He holds two earned doctorates in education. He has a pastor's heart and is a great preacher of the gospel. I am positive that he and Dr. Caner will bring about academic excellence to Brewton-Parker College that will be of the kind that makes a difference for the Kingdom of God.

I am highly excited that Peter Lumpkins is joining this team. I can't wait until he actually arrives on campus and takes his place in leadership and ministry. Peter Lumpkins is a godly man. He is a brilliant man. He is a man of many talents -- All of which are so greatly needed at BPC. Peter Lumpkins is an honest man. He is the kind of honest man that Satan hates and that God blesses. I look forward to working with such a man as is Peter Lumpkins.

Yes, I am glad to be on the team with men like Ergun Caner, Tim Searcy, and Peter Lumpkins. I am humbled to get to work with them in serving Jesus in providing Christian education to young men and women. I am thankful to the Lord Jesus, my King, for the opportunity to be part of the work of Georgia Baptists as they cooperate together to advance His Kingdom and glorify the Father.

I ask your prayers for us that we might honor Christ in all things at Brewton-Parker College.


Amen! Great news....great news.

Congrats, CB Scott! and, Brewton Parker College!

David Worley

cb scott

Thank you, Lydia. Pray for me that I always honor Jesus and never glorify myself.

Thanks you, Vol. Pray for me and all of us at Brewton-Parker that we do all we do to the glory of God.


Congratulations to the Drs. Scott, Searcy, and Lumpkins!

David R. Brumbelow

C. B. Scott,

Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more great things from Brewton-Parker College.
David R. Brumbelow

Abby Meade Snuffer

Dr. Scott (or to me, Pastor)

I have used several search engines over the years to try and locate you but to no avail. Then I saw on Facebook where Robert England posted the article of your latest Kingdom appointment. Congratulations!

I just want to extend my deepest, heartfelt gratitude for the seeds you sowed into me during my teenage years at First Baptist Church in Pound, Virginia. You were always so encouragin to me. You helped me see that my divine destiny was far bigger than my then, current circumstances. You taught me that the environment I had no choice but to live in was not what defined me. I remember one time in particular, you told me in your office, as I sat in the chair in front of your desk that I was like a butterfly and that I would blossom. Although I received and believe what you spoke, I did not understand it at the time. But now I do. I did not always make the best choices as a teenager, but I could never escape what I heard you speak of at the pulpit. At the age of 17, I fully surrendered my life to Christ and live a most blessed life. I married at the age of 21 and relocated to Burlington, NC where I currently reside. The Lord blessed me with a man who loves me as Christ loves the church, and I honor and admonish him so very much. We actively attend and support our church and are involved in ministry. We have three beautiful children, Savannah, David and Sarah. Savannah graduates this year. Her heart is to go to the nations. She has been on two missions trips and is about to go on her third one. Our youngest two are just full of life and are such a blessing as well.

Please know, in all sincerity, the Kingdom impact you had on my life during such crucial and impressionable years has not returned unto the Father void and empty. Thank you for being the expression of the Father's heart and leading others to demonstrate the essence of who God and His heart for mankind.

Wishing you and sweet Karen the very best and I pray you have divine favor in the area He has called you to be.

Many blessings,
Abby Meade Snuffer

cb scott

Mary and David R. Brumbelow,

Thank you both. I am humbled at the appointment and excited about the opportunity. I covet your prayers.

cb scott


I hardly know how to respond to your comment here. Your kind words overwhelm me. Thank you. I am overjoyed that God allowed me to be part of your journey. It has been a long time, but I remember you. I can hardly believe how fast the years have gone by when I hear from one of you from that youth group. Now here you are married and with a daughter who is graduating.

I am thankful to our Lord Jesus that you married a follower of our Lord and the two of you are teaching your children to follow Jesus also. Praise our Lord Jesus. He is a great and wonderful Savior.

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