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Finally some good news! Our SBC Georgia colleges are getting better all the time!

Joe Donahue

I have no doubt the Lord is going to use Dr. Caner in tremendous ways at BPC. Congratulations Dr. Caner and BPC.


Lord knows we need more "Anabaptists" leading SBC colleges! We've got enough of another flavor at the helm in too many places. I pray that Dr. Caner will influence a new generation of young folks to make the right stand for the cause of Christ in the days ahead.

pam knight

Yea Ergun ! So happy for you and your family. And happy for the College also.
In Christ
pam knight


Sad lack of accountability from southern baptist.

peter lumpkins

Hardly, Eric. I respect your dissent. I do not embrace the unspeakable ignorance of the vetting process leading up to this historic moment for BPC your comment implies. Far too much speculation based upon unwarranted and unnecessary inferences have been repeated and sadly perpetuated. Dr. Caner has been weighed in the balances more than he deserved but has been every time found unwanting. Georgia Baptists know this. And, all the trustees and I'm confident most all Georgia Baptists are both thrilled and satisfied...


I understand Your position Peter.
And am content in trusting that God works out all things.
Although My dissent was on purpose i'm not looking to pick a fight with anyone.

peter lumpkins

Thanks Eric.

Without contradiction, your stated reservation and consequent hesitation to affirm Dr. Caner as the best choice for BP president remains the most amenable, cooperative and godly dissent I've engaged in this entire exchange. I wish others...even pray others take note. It's time to stop the moral smear...

Lord bless...


Whew! The untimely (timely?) post on Dr. Caner over at SBC Voices was a ghastly display of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Bob Cleveland in his comment there summed the topic and exchange well: "It’s time to stop acting like Baptists and start acting like Christians." At this rate, Southern Baptists are making religion a byword and reproach - the world loves this stuff.

peter lumpkins


I cannot agree more. I bowed out. I'm fairly well finished exchanging with folk who morally smear other believers

cb scott


The comment thread at SBC Voices wherein Bob Cleveland made the comment that Max has quoted here is closed. Therefore, if you do not mind, I would like to thank Bob and Max for their kind words here in this thread.

Bob and Max, thank you, gentlemen, for your kind words toward BPC students, faculty, staff, administration, and our newly elected president.

To one and all, on behalf of Brewton-Parker College, I beseech you to pray for us that we follow the Christ, our Lord, and educate our students according to a biblical worldview, that they may go from us and advance the Kingdom of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God and that we make that our singular purpose in all we do.


This whole hoop de doo is something that I'm showing my son. He just recently went through some "high school" stuff that really hurt his heart and was a struggle for a while. A conversation we kept going back to is forgiveness. Him being stubborn (yeah can't imagine where he get's it) I had to drive home the point over and over. You don't forgive because someone has come to you and asked your forgiveness. You don't withhold forgiveness because someone's apology is just not good enough for you. You don't get to demand anything of anyone. You are a Christian in need of a Savior and when people do you wrong you are commanded to forgive - no caveats - no "he won't answer my questions to my satisfaction" no "his apology doesn't say exactly what I want it to say." You forgive because much has been forgiven you and sometimes in some situations you are going to be required to show grace and mercy, move on and let God continue working It's the Pharisees who had rules about how exactly things were supposed to go or they weren't satisfied and thus entitled to be righteously angry at those not measuring up.

Scott Shaver

Jared Moore obviously has issues apart from several loose screws.

Congratulations Dr. Caner, Brewton-Parker and baptists in Georgia.

The 2nd VP of the SBC is proof from the pudding you need no advice or correction from them ... on any matter.

Scott Shaver

...by the way, on the issue of "misstatements" Jared Moore publicly declares on his website and in his "bios" that he is an "average" Southern Baptist.

I doubt that statement very seriously and would like to see the empirical evidence supporting such a statement. What was the test group?

Scott Shaver

Dave Miller, former 1st VP of SBC told Jared Moore if Dr. Caner was voted in as president of BP he would permit him to run the retreaded smear piece.

Your cooperative program appellate court seen from a different light.

Miller wants it to be clear that he's "not a fan of Caner"...more proof from the SBC pudding.

Who needs the SBC?


So, if I may propose a General question off Mary's post.
Do you basically agree with her post?
If so, wouldn't her basic principles apply to, lets say, Mr. Mohler and Mahaney.
Given the principles of forgiveness and not pushing for an answer...
The push to have them fess up (among other challenges) should be stopped???????

Bob Hutton

I am very pleased to hear of Dr Caner's appointment.

Over the last few years he has borne a huge amount of abuse and vilification from an unholy alliance of Muslims and extreme-Calvinists, and he has borne it with dignity and grace.

May the Lord truly bless him.

peter lumpkins


Yes, Mary's principle of forgiveness applies to Mahaney, Mohler, and anyone else. According to biblical revelation, we're required to forgive those who sin against us regardless of whether they ever privately or publicly confess. That said, both Mohler and Mahaney are strange examples for you to cite. No one here--especially not me--has ever claimed or assumed Mohler has sinned against him or her so far as I know. Likewise Mahaney. What I've written about Mahaney is a) descriptive of what's been legally charged against him in a court of law; b) the severity of what's been charged against him in a court of law; c) the obvious unwise decision of Mohler to personally align himself with Mahaney given the severity of the litigation against him. Unless I'm missing it, none of this has to do with whether we're required to forgive Mahaney...

peter lumpkins


In an effort to keep the thread sewed tightly to the purpose of the post, and given this post was published to celebrate with Brewton-Parker and Ergun Caner and their selection and Dr Caner's acceptance to be president of Georgia Baptists' most southern institution, the comments on this thread are closed.

Lord bless.

With that, I am...

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