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Christiane Smith

being personally blessed by Christ, the little ones were 'safe' within His keeping . . .

it looks like the 'predestination' crowd does have some issues about the innocence of such children that Our Lord might not agree with . . . hence the need of such Calvinists to question whether or not the little ones WERE in fact protected through their possession of the Kingdom of God

comes a point where a man-made doctrine crashes against the Words of Christ and the doctrine doesn't hold solid

Scott Shaver


Appreciate your comments. Especially in light of the way I've observed your questions ignored on other "SBC" type blogs over the last couple of weeks.

Saw where the moderator and others commenting on one site just completely ignored your questions about the role of the Holy Spirit in their doctrine-centered discussions.

Would have engaged your question myself but banned from the site.

Your conclusion about "man-made doctrine crashing against the Words of Christ" is obviously borne of both experience and The Word.


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