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So you believe that God can not save all He loves savingly or will not save all He loves savingly or both?
You also probally believe that God created the world knowing that He was going to condemn billions of those He loved savingly to an eternal punishment? And yet created anyway?
Or in defense will you say that God wanted to save them but He doesn' t force anyone, so despite His best attempts at persuading them, He flat out failed? (but still, He knew that He would so fail on their behalf, and created them anyway.)
But if that defense is used, what does that say about your willingness in relationship to their unwillingness? Does the phrase 'boasting on self' not come into play (not that you desire to boast, but just that you are).

peter lumpkins

Hi Mike,

Well what I believe is what Jesus said, 'God so loved the KOSMOS that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him wouldn't perish but have eternal life.' Clear enough?

Scott Shaver

I attempted to engage Hicks on this question at the "Founders" site this morning. Site handlers deleted all my comments before any discussion ensued.

Outta sight outta mind I guess

Scott Shaver

Here's one that ought to ring a bell for some of our Founder friends ...

Sola Scriptura

Paul Owen

Hicks article is very unconvincing. He somehow thinks it is a discovery that "all" has to defined by the context. But who disputes this? The question is what does the universal inclusive language mean in the texts under consideration? In 1 John 2:2 "the whole world" is a wider group than the elect who have Jesus Christ as an advocate with the Father (because he is the propitiation for their sins). This obviously means all other human beings. In 1 Timothy 2:4 "all" is defined as the whole human race in verses 5-6. All does not mean "all kinds," because "mankind" in verse 5 is not limited to a range of categories, and therefore "all" in verse 6 likewise means "all mankind." It is because we know God wants all men to be saved that we are instructed to pray even for wicked kings and political leaders. And John 3:16 uses the word "world" in an all inclusive sense, otherwise why would unbelievers be condemned for failing to believe in him (3:18)? Obviously they are not being condemned for failing to believe in a Savior who neither loved nor died on the cross for their sake!

Christiane Smith

the key to understanding God's desire for all men to be saved lies in the Incarnation

Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, He is both the Creator and the descendant of the first Adam

since all mankind descend from the first Adam, they then become eligible to be saved by the second Adam, Our Lord

Does God reach out to all mankind? yes, He does . . . when Jesus is born in Bethlehem, He comes to us bearing the eternal power of God within Himself to reclaim 'that which was lost'

Andrew Barker

What really bothers me Peter, is that people like Tom Hicks will say these things to the 'faithful' but they will never (at least not in my experience) preach them to the unsaved! Why not? Is it that they lack the courage of their convictions?

I've had discussions about this before and been told that "we are told to preach the gospel to all men and we let God do the sorting out". But in effect what they are doing is preaching the gospel of whosoever will may come and then qualifying it afterwards to those who have responded.

Personally, I think this is very underhanded approach but then I tend to see things like this in black and white terms and I have to learn to bite my lip a bit!

David R. Brumbelow

I am impressed that Dr. Eric Hankins was invited to speak in Chapel at NOBTS.

I wonder if he has been invited to speak at other seminaries?
David R. Brumbelow


yes he is on the schedule at Southern...thursday november 7th, 2013

David R. Brumbelow

That's two times in one day I'm impressed.
David R. Brumbelow

Scott Shaver


I will have to fully agree with your assessment on the Hicks brand of Calvinism.

Wasn't a slogan of mercenary and certain special forces troops something like..."Kill em all and let God sort em out"?

Andrew Barker

Scott: I can believe the quote from special forces, although it does rather sound like a line from a movie! :-)

"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition" is well documented though and was probably down to a navy chaplain! It's certainly a different way of getting the message across!

Scott Shaver

Perhaps, Andrew;

At least innoculate them all with the "correct" form of Calvinism and let "God sort em out"?

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