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Great post.

The kind of "discussion" that is occuring regarding doctrine within the SBC, has become so personal it is making it difficult for me to identiful the kind of "Love" in 1 Corithians 13:13, among the leadership in the SBC.

Now how is it possible this doesn't rub off in local churches or for that matter in Gov't?

If Leaders in the SBC lack love toward each other, how is it possible for congregations to love one another. There appears to be no love loss in Congress or the Senate.

Even the way monetary policy in the Fed is effecting the cost effectiveness in churches and may be linked to the lack of Love I see in churches today, which exacerbates more sin among believers.

Maybe instead of focusing on doctrinal differences which is creating a toxic environment within the SBC, the focus should be on the sin of not loving our brother.

Which is something I know I'm guilty of. I also in saying this out of no disrespect toward our former Stealth New Calvinist Pastor, but I failed to see him preach on Love during his sermons for a year before I dismissed myself from hearing anymore of his messages.

peter lumpkins

Hi Mark,

I think you're essentially correct. It's hard to deny the skimpiness of love, at least so far as "tone" in concerned, on many SB blogs. I think we all get that; that is, the reality of it. The only thing to do about that is to monitor ourselves and not personally allow ourselves to go down the drain with others who insist on loveless actions and/or words. Easier said than done for sure.

My own practical standard is I try not to pen something about which I would be ashamed if my family or church saw and read it. Some things I see written (and have been the brunt end of by the way) I don't know how the person would justify such words to his or her church. Only this week in a sharp disagreement with a brother did he write to me "I don't think you are even regenerate." This kind of hatred-filled, judgmental slop is routine among some who even are pastors of local churches. I don't know how I could explain to one of my church members how insulting, damning insults like this toward a fellow pastor is in any way 'sanctified' language.

My resolve is I will under no uncertain terms say or write this about a brother in Christ.



Thanks, oddly even a more potent question that should be asked for self-examination is:

"Whether we are in Leadership in the SBC or not, if by our actions or our own personal Methodology toward one another we struggle to embrace or practice 1 Corinthians 13:13 how is it possible that we can claim that we are saved?"


Mark, I am reading the most fascinating book right now. It sorta speaks to this from another perspective as to how Christianity got so off track concerning love/justice historically. It is by Leonard Verduin, "The Anatomy of a Hybrid". (A huge problem is the demand for conformity in confession)

I think it is out of print as I could only find a used copy. I cannot tell you what a deep thinker he is.

If you have not read his book, "The Stepchildren of the Reformation", read that one, too. He is one of those treasures that got lost and then found just at the right time.

peter lumpkins


Isn't is interesting that Verduin himself was a REFORMED believer? :^)


Peter, Yep. NT Wright is another interesting "Reformed" writer/scholar/preacher who really makes us think.

Adam Harwood

I love Mullins' line: "In a sentence, Baptists stand for the whole Gospel for the whole world."

I remembered this to be similar to the theme of the worldwide evangelism conference Amsterdam 2000. So I Googled the phrase. The first entry, of course, was this blog post. The second Google entry? Dr. Russell Moore's recent inaugural speech, in which he states: "Let’s fight for the whole gospel for the whole world, equipping churches for tough questions in troubled times."

Great emphasis.




Thank You

Scott Shaver

Baptist fresh air courtesy E.Y. Mullins.

"The teachings of the Bible make up the written will of God IN and THROUGH JESUS, and for all things of spiritual enlightenment and guidance is absolute."


"Baptists believe in a whole salvation. This means all that is locked up in the finished work of redemption, the vicarious atonement, THE MOVINGS OF THE SPIRIT and repentance and faith of the INDIVIDUAL ....

... It cuts up the very roots of infant baptism and the confessional."

Who Dat?

Tim Rogers

Who Dat?

"Dat's Baptists". To be more specific, "Dat's Suthr'n Baptists"

Scott Shaver

Love the spelling Tim.

If things ever evolve to traditionalists forming their own collective it could be spelled exactly that way, SUTHR'N.

SUTHR'N BAPTISES ...we could run with that.


"There are some Baptists who will not be a brother to any other Baptist unless he is a twin brother."

102 years later. . . .

Scott Shaver

Didn't agree with that statement when it was penned JND. Still don't.

I believe it was Mohler who coined the term "marginalization" for SBC consideration and useage.

102 years later.

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