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'but not by the Gospel' . . .

all salvation is through Christ the Lord who IS the Good News

some Christians have truncated the meaning of 'the gospel' and defined it so that it does not bear the image of Christ on their definitions

I think that is a mistake. When a person speaks about the 'gospel', they ARE speaking about Christ Who said He had come to find those who were lost. If He said He would, then He will.

I think the 'gospel' IS Christ, because He has the words of eternal life. A denomination may have many 'truncated' versions of the 'good news', but it must never leave out the Guardian-Shepherd shown on the walls of the catacombs, bearing a lamb on His Shoulders. Any description of 'the gospel' must be formed from the Mind of Christ and the Heart of Christ, or it has no relevance in the Kingdom of the Lord.

Adam Harwood

Thanks for finding and posting this quotation from Mell.

Scott Shaver

Must be slipping. Had all but forgotten Mell. Definitely not of the same ilk on this issue as some present day folks of the same theological mindset.

likewise thanx

peter lumpkins

Thanx Dr. Harwood. And, I hope NOBTS is a permanent home for you, brother...

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