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peter lumpkins


How absolutely unlike old Southern Baptist Calvinists are today's self-professed agnostics filling the new Calvinist slots among Southern Baptists who insist we have no solid basis to believe all infants dying in infancy are saved. Hence, they "choose to be silent" where, they say, "Scripture is silent."

I've got a feeling had they tried that "Reformed" mantra with Baptist Calvinists like Broadus, they'd have been taken to the theological woodshed.

Scott Shaver


Silent on the eternal state of infants because "scripture is silent." Couldn't same logic be applied to the social status of those held in physical slavery?

Some pretty disturbing statements (understatements) arising from scripture on that particular subject should the "scripture is silent" interpretive approach be employed.

peter lumpkins

Hey Scott. Absolutely. "Scripture is silent" has devolved into an enigma with content only when some Calvinists give it some.

Scott Shaver

Ahhh...the GNOSIS crowd.

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