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Charles Page

however they are not excluded from the need to be regenerated and born again since observing all that Christ has commanded isn't a condition for regeneration. But it is a condition for being baptized and entering the visible church on earth.

peter lumpkins

Yes both repentance and faith on the one hand and baptism on the other are conditions for joining the visible church something not obtainable for infants dying in infancy. But to insist infants dying in infancy experience what we normally call being "born again" does not follow since being born again is conditioned upon repentance and faith, two conditions--at least in their normally accepted way--remain impossible for them. Nor will any person be judged solely on the basis of original sin.

Scott Shaver


I'm curious. You state "they(infants)are not excluded from the need to be regenerated and born again."

Seeing that it is impossible for an infant dying in infancy to have comprehended the concepts of sin, repentance and faith in Christ, why would you make the declaration that such a one is not excluded from the need to be regenerated and born again?

Who established this all inclusive axiom of Christianity which discredits at least a portion of the Book of Romans?

You, God, or some theologian?

Following the lead of most Calvinists I've conversed with lately, "I don't find this teaching anywhere in scripture".

Consequently, since the words and example of Christ regarding little children don't seem to matter much in the neo-Calvin hermeneutic, it stands to reason that "the argument from silence" motiff should be sufficient to rebut
your declaration of the need for regeneration in dead infants.

Where are we headed next with this kind of thinking? Baptism by proxy for the dead infant carried out by his or her "elect" parents? Infant baptisms?

Sorry Charlie, Starkist don't want tunas with good taste, Starkist wants tunas that taste good.

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