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Here is another good statement on this subject.

Charles Page

Yes, and men live on the moon!

peter lumpkins

Thanks Louis..


I find your constant little barbs logged both here and on Twitter about this series on infants dying in infancy I'm posting curious and perhaps perplexing. When I first started responding to you on Twitter I assumed you were a fairly informed Pentecostal Christian. I now sadly think you're more of roadside windsock that can't quite keep propped up by yourself. You've proven--at least to me--you apparently have no appreciation for history; in this case church history--and even more specific Baptist church history-- and what those believers before us had to say about certain issues of our day. While we've no obligation to accept their views since we stand on Scripture alone, I think we've an obligation to consider their views since God worked through them as He does us.

More sadly still, you cannot seem to separate what I post as results of historical inquiry--i.e. all the quotes from various church leaders in this series on infants dying in infancy for example--from what I personally believe to be what the Bible teaches on this or that. How fundamentally skewed to assume that just because I log what someone from history wrote, it represents all, or even part for that matter, of my personal position. Can you not perceive the difference between the two? The fact is, I *don't* embrace every position I've quoted concerning infants dying in infancy.

For example, while I firmly agree with both James P. Boyce and John Broadus' conclusion that all infants dying in infancy are recipients of saving grace, I outright reject the basis upon which they came to their conclusion; namely, all infants dying in infancy are a part of the eternal elect people of God. I think that position is so riddled with theological objections from their own Calvinistic premises, that's it's hopelessly contradictory to state such. Nonetheless they did. I'm glad they proposed the right conclusion--from my perspective--though I reject the route they used to arrive at it. Not to mention the outright horrifying statement of Jonathan Edwards about God's justice in the damnation of infants I logged, a statement with which I also obviously disagree.

So, since you appear to be hopelessly zigzagging here and there as the wind blows, know I wish you the best. However, I don't think I'll be responding to your perpetually confusing little logs you post here and on Twitter any more.

Tim Rogers


Do what I did with Charles. I blocked him on Twitter and do not allow him to respond to me on any other public venue.


peter lumpkins

My block list is full. I'd have to take somebody off to make room for him. Would you volunteer?

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