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There are not infants in heaven or hell. Nor are there old people in heaven or hell. There are resurrected people, in whatever form that will be.

peter lumpkins

Hi Eric,

Well, if infants are persons--and I assume you agree--then I see no reason why we can't talk about infants in eternity in the same sense that we talk about persons in eternity.

Nor does your corrective add anything helpful to the discussion on the destiny of infants dying in infancy. In fact, you raise other questions rather than offering assistance toward the question on the table, Eric. For example, if there are only "resurrected people" in heaven or hell, then when did this resurrection take place?


Hey Peter,
Sorry, I wasn't trying to make a big point. You are correct in your reply.
By the way, I like your new web page layout, neat clean look.

peter lumpkins

Thanks Eric. I appreciate your clarifying your point. And, thanks for the encouragement on the layout...


I enjoy Spurgeon much but I have noticed his tendency to do just what you point out, he is inconsistent in his views on Calvinism and non-Calvinists. He was well read but he often ignores this to just state this or that in defense of Calvinism.

Just my thoughts.

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