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"The true explanation is found in the historical facts of the case. Following the Romlsh church from Augustine, the Westminster divines probably held that infants inherited the future of their parents."

Mr. Mack got it.....partly.

What is up with the terminiology Westminster "divines"? Sheesh! I am seeing this attitude toward the BFM as if it is divinly anointed or something. Now the references to the Unity statement being "sufficient". What is up with that?

Are we still in the SBC?

Lothar Sohn

Hello Peter,

these blasphemous teachings run my blood cold.

But basically, I fail to see why saying that God send babies to hell is any worse than saying that God predetermining most humans to sin and will punish them eternally for having done what he foreordained.

Greetings from continental Europe.

Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

Scott Shaver


Not for long ....or much longer?

Scott Shaver

In fact, Lydia, if you'll wait another 16 months there could be a revision/replacement to the most recent BFM.

Continuing revelation I guess.

Scott Shaver

Hey Lothar:

Who said God "predetermined most human beings to sin". There was never an act of the will involved?

Greeting from the sands of the San Jacinto River in Texas where our blood runs cold from your lofty theological assumptions.


Yes, following the Romish church. Don't tell me the Eastern Orthodox church was right all along in rejecting inherited guilt.

dr. james willingham

As a believer in Sovereign Grace, I do not hold with infant damnation, believing that all infants dying in infancy are the elect of God. However, I can understand how some might get carried away on the point, being preoccupied with the reality of fallen nature. After all, the wicked go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies as the Bible says. David gets very specific about the sin problem from conception, "Behold, I was shapen in iniquity and in sin did my mother conceive me." Even so God is in the business of saving sinners, and He saves infants with sinful natures by means of regeneration, choosing to do so, just as He chooses adult sinners. Only in the former case, He chooses all of the infants, His goodness and greatness being what it is, while in the latter case, He chooses some, even many, even a number which no one can number (Rev.7:9) that must include the earth for a 1000 generations and the planets of the universe for 20,000-900,000 years. Like the lady said, when a friend of mine named Spurgeon won her to Christ, ""Oh! It was so wonderful that I could not resist it."

Scott Shaver

"I do not hold to infant damnation ..."

Maybe not Dr. J.W., but you certainly appear to have a great deal of theological sympathy and affinity for those who do.

Birds of a feather kinda thing I suppose.



Sorry guys but I had to share the "Luther insulter" with you.

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