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Chris Johnson

Nice! .... And a lot of work.


Wow! Looks like a great place to prop up a catfish pole! Have you put any in there yet?

peter lumpkins

No catfish. But we do have a mermaid :^)


Very nice.


OK.....looks like about 3 days worth of serious work....what have you done with the rest of your time???[inquiring minds want to know] :)

Tim Rogers

Hey, before you begin panning the camera in you need to warn us there is a frog fountain in the left hand corner. I thought for a minute someone was relieving themselves. :)

cb scott

Peter Lumpkins,

Seriously, let me commend you for doing good things for your wife. God bless you for doing what a man should do for the mother of his children while he can.

Tim Rogers,

On a not so serious note, after have fallen from a plane and surviving, God saving your despicable self by grace and grace alone (You being the perfect illustration of unmerited favor), and having married a fine lady, who gave you a darling daughter; Yes, after all that blessing and much more; You are still a degenerate and a pagan.

How dare you make fun of Peter for building his wife a rock garden.

You take a lesson from Peter. You get out there, off your sorry behind, and build Gail a tranquil place for rest from taking care of you day and night . . . . and buy her a white Lama to to give the place that classy Far Eastern effect, you scoundrel, you!



peter lumpkins

Well, tell your hubby he needs to find an entire summer to put the thing together! :^)

Seriously, this is the most relaxing thing in the world to Kathy and me. And, not a small portion of my enjoyment I suppose stems from a nostalgic aura of my old home place growing up in Tennessee. We lived in a tiny, four-room box house sitting about 20 feet off of Coon Creek. We could always hear the water running across the falls at night. I guess my getting older only brings me full circle back to appreciating my childhood...


We are actually contemplating a move near a very big body of water in next 2 years!

I love water sounds. My cousins grew up in the country near a fast running creek full of big stones like that. We loved wading in it and at night we had to cross it when they took us city cousins "snipe hunting". :o)


Being a city girl my whole life we didn't have those natural water sounds. But I do still love to hear a train whistle and the clack on the tracks. And sometimes on clear nights we could hear the barges down on the river. Barge traffic is a lot less these days so those toots are rare, but the trains are still going.

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