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I have not read much about Hubamier (Read some of his writings) but I was wondering if anyone knows his views on imputed guilt or if they were ever articulated in any of his writings.

He fascinates me and I only have one raised eyebrow on what I have read on him to date. :o)

Ron wrote:

"Discovering a growing tribe of "infant damnationists" in the SBC would be like discovering a lost tribe of head hunting cannibals roaming around in the Okefenokee Swamp – strange!"

Exactly! I cannot fathom it, it is so foreign to who we are.

But I have to ask something and and am sincere on this. Wouldn't those who believe in Adam's imputed guilt actually be more honest with their view of possible infant damnation? Isn't imputed guilt really the problem in all this?

Tim Rogers

Wow, this is classic. Ron you are correct, we as Southern Baptist need to stop the hogwash known as "the bible is silent on where infants who die in infancy spend eternity". That is the biggest cop-out of anything I have ever seen.

Great article

Rick Patrick

That the doctrine of infant damnation is at the root of paedobaptism is simply irrefutable. Our reformed friends in the SBC have become quite cozy with those outside the SBC who do not at all share our convictions on this matter. Those like Hubmaier who stand in our theological tradition paid a dear price for these convictions. Many died for the doctrine of believer's baptism by immersion. We dare not treat it lightly today. Thank you, Ron Hale, for keeping this issue before us, and for lending the wisdom of your historical analysis.

peter lumpkins


My apologies to Ron. He originally had footnotes attached to his piece, footnotes not appearing in his posted article. However, I put them all in...

Norm Miller

Footnote number 9 states: Hübmaier would never have made the following statement, “'I am a baptistic guy attending a Presbyterian Church. Why? Because baptism was a fence that seemed more harmful than helpful.' A quote by Barnabas Piper, a new employee of LifeWay (formerly known as the Baptist Book Stores). Hübmaier was burned at the stake for his beliefs on baptism. His wife was killed three days later by drowning. Baptism meant something to the thousands that have died through the years."
Either B. Piper and his ilk are ignorant of this, or the sacrifice of baptistic martyrs is insignificant to them. Wonder if B. Piper, et al, would say that our Baptist forebears wasted their lives for the sake of NT baptism. Indeed, to the martyrs, baptism was harmful; in fact, it was fatal. What a travesty to trample on their graves; and worse yet, to demean and diminish the picture of salvation as exemplified by the One who bought it, as well as modeled and commanded it.
What have we come to?
Thank you, Ron Hale, for your treatise.

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