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Charles Page

You must understand that this statement implies an absolute denial of the modern Calvinistic well meant offer. Theologically all are regenerated in the same way as implied by Warfield's statement!


To be a true-blue Calvinist, the only logical conclusion a Calvinist can reach is that some infants who die go to hell. Such a "natural and logical" journey is a road cluttered with blind corners, endless alleys and dead ends leading to a misunderstanding of God as revealed in Christ. Why would a new generation of church folks desire to take this fork in the SBC road? What love is this?!

Andrew Barker

On a general note Peter, thanks for all eclectic mix of info coming through at the moment. It all helps to paint a general picture and put Calvinism into perspective. :-)

Jerry Chase

I'm not here to defend Calvinism. Yet I believe that Lumpkins is using this issue to "rip" Calvinists.

It would be interesting to have interviewed John Calvin himself after his only child died before he was ten years old.



Forget about reasoning with Peter. He has narcissistic personality disorder=fancy word for acting like an ass=sin.

Scott Shaver

Peter has obviously left a stinger hanging in both Ben and Jerry. More power to him. A lot of neo-calvinistic influence in the SBC needs theological "ripping" from absolute stem to stern.

Ben, judging by the amount of digital ink you spill on a daily basis I would say that Peter (and others of us) don't have a corner on the narcissism market.

You guys fancy yourselves as academically inclined? Why don't you address the substance of the debates rather than hurl insults over your inability to do so?

This ain't the ice cream shop.

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